Neighbor shoots family’s dog in front of 13-year-old girl

Examiner – by Penny Tilton

In Hohenwald Tennessee the Galloway family is still in mourning after their neighbor, Wendell Kelley, an off-duty postal worker, shot their Labrador Retriever Bryan, in front of their daughter 13-year-old Peggy Galloway on Monday.

Janice Galloway, Peggy’s mother had taken her husband to work that morning, leaving Peggy in bed because she had not feeling well. Janice had just dropped her husband off at work when she received a phone call from a neighbor that had witnessed the shooting, telling her that Bryan was dead, and Peggy was distraught.  

Peggy had heard the first gun shot, and ran out of the house only to find it was Bryan that Kelley was shooting. Peggy yelled at Kelly to stop shooting her dog, but Kelly fired more rounds striking Bryan a total of three times which killed him.

“I was coming out the door, when I heard the first shot I was half way up the driveway when I heard the second shot,” Peggy stated in an interview with New 2. “I got to the top of the road and he shot again. I was running to him and he shot again and I screamed, ‘Please don’t shoot my dog!’ and he wouldn’t listen and then he walked by me and said he would shoot the rest of them.”

In an interview with News 2, Kelley stated he was working in his driveway when the dog approached him, he then tapped the dog in the face to get it to move along, and when Bryan refused to leave, he went inside his home and grabbed his semi-automatic rifle. Kelley then walked back outside to check the mail when Bryan approached him again and that is when he opened fire.

“I’m tore up. This is like one of my kids. It’s been hard,” Janice stated. “He tried to say Bryan attacked him. My dog has never attacked anyone.”

The Galloway family is now asking for answers, as they await the results of the Sherriff’s investigation. They have started a Justice for Bryan page on Facebook, and a Care2 petition.

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6 thoughts on “Neighbor shoots family’s dog in front of 13-year-old girl

    1. Sorry, but it appears to me that perhaps the dog
      was the attacker. I had a dog come at me one
      time in my yard and my gun was inside. Fortunately
      I was able to get to safety.

      There are laws most places that prevent people
      allowing their animals to run free.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, if attacked , I would put a dog down to save mine or someone elses life, but it looks to me like the guy went out of his way to kill the dog. He went and got his rifle, he shot the dog at least three times. Why not stop at one. According to the girl, he said he would shoot all of their dogs.

        1. Okay, Bulldog, I stand corrected.

          I am not for shooting any animal unless you are going to eat it or it is attacking you or
          someone else.

          Guess it will all come out in court??????

          1. 1611,
            I could be wrong as well. Just from reading I cant make a judgment. They could be in the middle of a neighbor fight and both sides could be wrong. People need to keep their animals in check. I have four dogs and they will never be running the streets. Especially the Shepherd. 🙂

  1. “…… Wendell Kelley, an off-duty postal worker, shot their Labrador Retriever Bryan,…..

    Hence the phrase ‘going postal’.

    Had that been my dog, a Louisville Slugger to BOTH kneecaps, and ol’ ‘Wendell would NEVER deliver another piece of mail in what’s left of his miserable, worthless life.

    Guess you could define that as ‘going anti-postal’.

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