Neo-Con Treasonous Seniors Supporting Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

The propaganda production, “Paul Ryan Goes to Florida”, pulled out all the stops in the effort to divide we the people via our age.  Florida is noted for its population of retirees, so the propagandists figure that in concentrating on the retired in Florida, they can set the minds of the retired across our nation.

Ryan said in a speech, “Medicare should be the promise that is kept to our ‘current’ seniors, period, end of story.”  Ryan has made it clear that everyone age 55 and younger is to sacrifice all and those over 55 are to be untouched, in spite of the fact that many age 55 and younger have paid into their Social Security and Medicare accounts for 20, 30, and 40 years.

To start with, these retirees in Florida do not represent average retirees across our nation.  They are the elite of retirees, a minute minority.  They have been among the top 10% in earnings throughout their lives.  They are the good old boy and good old girl Masons and Masonettes who have enjoyed a privileged status throughout their careers.

Ryan brought his 78 year old mommy with him to Florida as a representation of the American senior and his compassion there for.  Ryan’s mom does have a residence in Florida where she stays during the winter.  She also has a summer home in Wisconsin, this as the average senior in America is finding him or herself having to return to work in their golden years in order to afford enough food not to starve to death.

Make no mistake; the Ryan family is among the elite,  Ryan’s brother, Tobin Ryan, was a senior manager from 1995 through 1998 at Bain & Company, the consulting firm where Mitt Romney made his name.  Paul Ryan’s father and grandfather were attorneys, the root of this word being attorn, to twist.  Attorneys are professional liars, as are politicians.

Paul Ryan is a two-faced, forked tongue snake and one of the worst enemies we the American people not of the elite have.  And now he has assembled a group of elitist seniors in his attempt to steal Social Security and Medicare from every American ages 23 to 55 for his corporate masters.

These traitors who turned out for Paul Ryan in Florida are the same elitists that pushed the propaganda in the 70s that led to bumper stickers that read “I’m spending my children’s inheritance”.  As elitists I’m sure they would be quite content to live out the rest of their elitist lives in the luxury they have grown accustomed to, no matter what the consequences to the rest of our population, including their fellow seniors now scraping to get by working as greeters at Walmart, whose few dollars they have left after the rape of their pensions are being further devalued through the continued theft of our nation.

You see these elitist seniors did not lose their retirement nest eggs to the great fraud as they, being a part of that treasonous neo-con national socialist 20% of the top 10%, were the ones who actually profited from the fraud.

We must reject and shun these traitors and if confronted with their pro-elitist rhetoric out in public, I personally will cuss them as the low down treasonous dirty dogs they are.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Neo-Con Treasonous Seniors Supporting Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

  1. All around the world Governments are preparing for social unrest, last week in Germany the parliament voted that troops could be used there in a national emergency. Last week Russia said it is prepared for an economic collapse, Last week Finland stated the collapse of the Eurozone was imminent. In the US the laws are well in place for what appears as a fascist takeover.

    For 41 years the elite have had control of the issue of all currency and the charge of usury. Socialism has been promoted and this has enriched the banking money issuing elite who are only too happy to supply their private monopoly paper in return for debt and usury. It is great business if you control the issue of all money, you keep promising socialism, you destroy factories, you destroy business and you increase welfare dependency and your private money issuing business profits and grows as more money is now required and you get to charge even more usury. $1.5 trillion per annum interest on the US national debt is one hell of a scam if you pull it off.

    It is this crime, this deliberate impoverishment of people. The bought and paid for creeps of attorneys, politicians, presidents, the disregard of the laws of the land for these whores and the application of fascism for the little people as Leona Helmsley described the 99.9% ‘only the little people pay taxes’.

    This is a time to be very afraid, the greed that has lasted for 41 years through the privilege of issuing all currency and their charge of interest has alienated the world against these financial terrorists. The usury has compounded and the entire financial system is on the verge.

    Protect your self, be like Russia be prepared as far as humanly possible for an economic collapse. It is coming.

    Ron Paul and the Constitution with the return to the peoples money and cancellation of the thousands of fascist laws are essential. Romney or Obama are not an option, never compromise with the devil or the devil’s disciples.

      1. Nice one Susan!! They talk drug violence – look at what happened durring the prohibition. Take the alchohol and cigarets away from a drinker or the cigarets away from a smokjer and then have a pig come in with guns and with threats of prison or jail and we will see violence – alchohol and cigaret violence that is!!! LEGALIZE DRUGS AND TAKE AWAY THE PROFITS FROM THE DEALERS, PERIOD. YOU GO GET `EM RON PAUL. Go to a Bar and you will see violence Nothing like a group of drunks is there. THERE WAS A LOT OF DRUGS AT WOODSTOCK – HOW MUCH VIOLENCE WAS THERE AT WOODSTOCK!!! DO THE SAME WITH 300,000+ DRUNKS AND SEE THE VIOLENCE!!!!!!! Those who use drugs are going to use them any way. Those others will probobly use the drugs 1 or 2 times and will say that drugs are not for them. The drug dealers will say – Lets make drugs more illeagle so we can make more money from drugs. Get rid of the drug problem and fully legalize drugs like The Dr. Ron Paul said!!!!

  2. My wife is 46. I am 42. Both professionals. Looking at the Social Security statement that comes before your birthday and itemizes what you have PAID INTO Social Security. (for the last 20+ years of working) Between the two of us it is over 100,000 dollars. I want that back. So were just told well you have to pay more for less. I don’t think so. But If we question and get angry and bitch because we are getting f#@ked, we are terrorist and Homeland Security is on the way. “Get back to work SLAVESCUM you get nothing!”

  3. I am voting Ron Paul ….. write in or ballot …write in means they will have to count the votes by hand?

      1. Yea Henry, his comment reminds me of that hanging chad thing in Florida. You don`t think that diamlake 2009 was serious do ya? I hope not. he is a real goof if he is serious I think.

  4. Sure they count the votes. Each and every handpicked ELECTORAL COLLEGE vote that is. But to infer that reflects the wishes and thoughts of Jane and Joe Sixpack is like packing fecal matter back into the orifice it came out of.
    I often wonder what part of the fact that America was designed to be a Representative Republic do people not understand. We hear democracy this, democracy that, yet not one in one hundred can tell the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. This distinction is very important people!
    Believe me, the political puppets (whores if you wish) know the difference and capitalize on it by speaking about what the masses believe is reality, while knowing full well that the masses are mollified and nothing concrete has been said or learned.

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