New Bird Flu Mutating 8 Times Faster Than Anticipated, US Warns of H2H Transmission “Anytime”

BEIJING, CHINA - APRIL 13: A screen showing a seven-year-old girl, who has been infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu, receiving medical treatment in the Beijing Ditan Hospital on April 13, 2013 in Beijing, China. A seven year-old girl has been infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu. China reports 44 H7N9 bird flu cases with 11 deaths so far. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)23 deaths? Still a mountain out of a molehill.

IntelliHub – by Chris & Sheree Geo,

As we previously reported here at K-TFRN, Flu-trackers has estimated the “date of divergence” somewhere around 5 months ago, which shows its’ remarkable efficiency at mutation and gain-of-function re-assortment.  

According to the South China Morning Post, the rapid rate of mutation is worrisome.

The new bird flu could be mutating up to eight times faster than an average flu virus around a protein that binds it to humans, a team of research scientists in Shenzhen says, “The researchers found dramatic mutation of haemagglutinin in one of the four flu strains released for study by the central government. Nine of the protein’s 560 amino acids had changed. In a typical flu virus, only one or two amino acids could change in such a short period of time, He said. “It happened in just one or two weeks. The speed may not have caught up with the HIV, but it’s quite unusual for a flu.” The fast mutation makes the virus’ evolutionary development very hard to predict. “We don’t know whether it will evolve into something harmless or dangerous,” He said. “Our samples are too limited. But the authorities should definitely be alarmed and get prepared for the worst-case scenario.”

Anthony Fauci, who infamously admitted that he has no idea how vaccines even work, has sounded the alarm for human-to-human transmission, and even (quite prematurely, I might add), sounded the golden trumpets for a “new vaccine” for H7N9 (although with such a mutation rate, it wouldn’t make any sense to create a vaccine, anyway)









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8 thoughts on “New Bird Flu Mutating 8 Times Faster Than Anticipated, US Warns of H2H Transmission “Anytime”

  1. I’ll be taking my colloidal silver just in case, but I’m thinking this is another influenza scare to get people to buy into the vaccinations.

    . . .

  2. Vitamins A & C will keep your immune system strong. The flu vaccine will kill you.
    Vitamin A : spinach, carrots, yams (sweet potatoes)
    Vitamin C: broccoli, citrus fruits, yams again

  3. I plan on getting stoned not vaccinated. Am I allowed to say that on a website hosted in the US?

    1. Thanks for the admission. Expect a DEA intervention team to show up at your residence around 3 am to give you a taste of what they do to harmless people.

  4. A reason that this flu scare is happening may be a 1) future rationale for killing small farmers’ perfectly healthy livestock or 2) cover for chemical warfare (as discussed by Jon Rappaport recently).

    Vitamin C and vitamin D are so important, along with b vitamins (esp. niacin) and minerals. You can eat dandelion greens and get plenty of c, a, minerals. Eat ’em raw, as in a salad. If you sit mostly uncovered for 10 minutes a day at around noon, you’ll get your vit D, too. D is crucial – most of us are deficient, esp in the winter (which is when flu season occurs). Here’s another cheap way to get it: Biotech 50,000ius vit D3 (the best kind) for around $20 on Amazon. (Only need to take 1/week once your levels get to over 50 nanomoles per mil.) Take vit c (cheapest is ascorbic acid powder, Now foods makes non-gmo pharma grade, find on amazon) am and pm and extra at the first sign of illness. Your body will take what it needs and expel the excess.

    1. Obviously, don’t eat dandelion greens from a lawn that had pesticide on it…

      That’s another thing – our stupid lawns could be a source of nutritious, virtually free food, but instead are archipelagoes of bright-green, highly poisonous dead land. Revolt, recover your land, and plant your own garden.

  5. Also, Fauci is an opportunist scum. He jumped on the HIV bandwagon — that was quite a lucrative ride. HIV is/was also good for scaring the sheep. There is no way that HIV causes AIDS – I posted ad nauseum the other day.

    Germs are the medical scam’s version of “terrorists.” We have much more chance of being harmed by their shots than by any germ.

    All of us, for example, have strep germs in our mouths. When we get a sore throat, if a doc does a test and finds strep, we get antibiotics. If we would go to the doc, complain of a sore throat when we don’t really have one, he’d still find strep and give us antibiotics. (And while there, he’d mention that we need our tetanus shot.) This is not medicine. There is no art in medicine any more. These AMA “doctors” could easily be replaced with robots that scan our bodies and/or take blood and analyze it.

    Did anybody see this?

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