New Jersey school district restarts COVID-19 mask mandate

Washington Examiner – by Jeremiah Poff

A New Jersey school district is once again requiring face masks in all its schools, citing an increase in coronavirus cases. 

Passaic County School District in northern New Jersey announced that masks would be required in all school buildings, effective Wednesday morning due to high levels of coronavirus transmission in the community.

The restored mandate says that students, faculty, and staff will be required to wear masks until Passaic County falls to “moderate” levels of COVID-19 transmission. The county is currently at “high” transmission.

Passaic County is not the only school district to reinstate a mask mandate in recent days.

Last week, Philadelphia schools announced that masks would be required for the first 10 days of school following the conclusion of winter break.

The vast majority of school districts eliminated their mask mandates in February and March 2022, but a handful of places have resisted removing them.

In recent weeks, major cities such as Los Angeles and New York City have encouraged the public to wear masks indoors and have flirted with reinstating mask mandates.

5 thoughts on “New Jersey school district restarts COVID-19 mask mandate

  1. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Article IX.

    “Please be advised as per our board policy… blah-blah-blah… masks will be required.”

    Lookie there! Sandra Diodonet slapped her wet signature onto a piece of paper that has shit written on it! That shit is in gross violation of the 9th Article! I have a grievance. Nobody has ever produced the scientific evidence that the respiratory virus you call COVID exists! I need to see the study. You don’t have it? You won’t show it to me? I know you’re lying. “Shut up, put on the mask and get in line!” Violation of the 1st Article. I want redress for my grievances! “Too bad. We can’t give it to you.” Uh oh! How many more infringements before I resort to Article II!? By the way, lady, your Boards and your policies violate the LAW! Since it is impossible to see you in court because there are no courts, I am seriously considering that I have no choice other than to resort to Article II. Get out of my way, Bitch! I’m going to school. Take your mask and shove it up your ass! I ain’t wearin’ it!

    I retain my right to move freely against unreasonable seizures of my person!

    I never used to cuss or swear, but hearing how Henry teaches the Bill of Rights, at this point, for me, there really is no kind or polite way of dealing with this problem, so I needed to borrow.

      1. Thank you, Michael. I got to thinking about what I missed in this simulation of how I would handle this particular confrontation and remembered that each and every individual who participated on that board has a name and an address. So do those who wrote that report. All in obvious violation of Articles 1, 4 and 9. Although I am still on the low end of the learning curve, regarding the details of all 10 Articles, I am not giving up on bringing myself up to speed so I can recognize the violations as they occur and so I can respond accordingly. I am a Canadian who feels that it is important to know how my kin directly across the border from my house are going to need to fight. If I learn how to fight like an American, standing on that solid rock of the Bill of Rights, is giving me a leg up on taking up the fight in Canada.

  2. I can certainly tell that your on track Diana! I have a foul mouth brought on by tyranny and Hatred as well!!! I have lived at least 3/4 of my life… and find it hard to deal with the LIES from and the joo media that are ever presently in our face!!! Sometimes its just best to shutdown recoup a little. I will say this “THEY CAN SUCK MY ASS”!!!!!

    1. Bill of Rights, I hear ya! I feel ya! They try to make you speak in a respectful manner, but in all honesty, it is not possible when you know that no respect can be reserved for the tyrant and his henchmen. I remember the first day of the mask mandate I was at the grocery check out all walled up with plexi-glass and everyone wearing a slave muzzle. I was the only one who defied the orders, and I looked straight into the eye of Big Brother (the security camera) and told him to go f**k himself, among other things. The cashier who thought she knew me said, “I prefer your care-free, cheerful disposition”, to which I retorted, “I can’t possibly be care free and cheerful living under TYRANNY!” Like Henry said, we gotta get MEAN! He is absolutely correct!

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