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New FTT poll shows 8 in 10 Americans do not participate in polls because they are not registered voters and thus are not stupid, which makes this poll horseshit, just like all the rest.

9 thoughts on “New Poll

  1. I want to unregister but god knows they will try to automatically register me when I go renew my driver’s license. Think about that they have to automatically register people to steal their votes for their phoney a$$ corporate selections when illegals invaders and dead people aren’t enough.

      1. I’m going to have to figure it out I didn’t vote in 2016 but I guess you have to unregister. Screw this banana republic corporate bs.

  2. I’m # 187 on this article.

    Actually, that’s quite an appropriate #… considering the true nature of most polls.

  3. That is the greatest opening sentence of any post on any site I’ve seen in years. The only sentence.
    Thank You, Henry.

    BTW. My email and Name boxes were highlighted in all RED before I filled them in. The RED disappeared after I began typing?
    I do not think that is your modus operandi.
    If I’m wrong, please let me know.
    If it’s not your doing? Then who?

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