New World Order – Full Circle (2014)

Published on May 23, 2014 by Aaron Kasparov

A well documented analysis of the new world order agenda.…

The Ukraine crisis signals the beginning of Henry Kissinger’s “new mercantilism.”
As was typical of historic mercantilism, media reports within both sides of today’s Ukraine crisis acknowledge the other region as being useful in the deeper integration of their own regional bloc:

● “WESTERN SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA MAY BOOST EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION — RT (Russia Today), March 20, 2014 —… — “What would then happen is that the Eurasian Economic Union would accelerate in scale very rapidly.”

● ‘THANK YOU, MR PUTIN’ — DW (Deutsche Welle, Germany), March 21, 2014 –… — “With your annexation of the Crimea you have thrown a much-needed lifeline to…European integration…”

● ‘VLADIMIR PUTIN: HERO OF THE EUROPEAN UNION’ — Breitbart, March 14, 2014 —… — “Vladimir Putin’s adventurism in the Ukraine has had a strange side effect: it may well have prolonged the life of his chief rival and antagonist — the European Union…”

4 thoughts on “New World Order – Full Circle (2014)

  1. Only watched the first few minutes so far due to lack of time but every puppet spewing out about nwo is a joo or a known zionist supporter. If you aren’t convinced as to who is behind all this mess by now you should just go back to sleep completely.

    1. The NWO spew at the beginning is to catch people’s attention. The information after are regarding things I knew little about. Basically this video explains about how the world is being broken up into trading agreements life NAFTA but on steroids. It explains why everything is happening with the dollar, Putin being civilized and how all problems/crisis are planned to strengthen the 10 trade unions/kingdoms planned.

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