New York Police Capture Coyote in Manhattan’s Riverside Park

I don’t get it. TLC for a Coyote, while they shoot us and our pets.

The Weather Channel – by Zain Haidar

You’ve heard of The Wolf of Wall Street, but what about The Coyote of Riverside Park?

This weekend, NYPD officers took to upper Manhattan in freezing cold temperatures to capture a coyote on the loose, the Associated Press reports.   

After several sightings of the same animal over the last two weeks, officers armed with tranquilizer guns first spotted the coyote at 8:30 p.m. local time Saturday, PIX 11 says.

Two hours later, the NYPD had the coyote cornered in Riverside Park, but severe cold complicated the capture, according to the official Twitter of the 24th Precinct:

Eventually, however, officers were able to restrain the critter.

As NBC 4 reports, police took the coyote to Animal Care & Control on Sunday to be checked by a veterinarian, but not before giving the unusual visitor a name: Riva.

“Riva’s tour of Manhattan has come to a safe and beneficial conclusion,” NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver told NBC 4. “Her visit to Riverside Park is a potent reminder that our city is home to a great diversity of wildlife,”

Sunday night, officers released Riva into a wilderness area of the Bronx.

According to the AP, the last time a coyote was caught and released in New York City was in 2013.

5 thoughts on “New York Police Capture Coyote in Manhattan’s Riverside Park

  1. I want to see those fat pig bastards jump on her and see what happens. I’ll hold the noose on them this time, though. Coyotes don’t eat kosher so everything will work out fine.

  2. When I saw the title, I thought they were talking about the kind running Mexicans up here… LOL.

    I work in Compton, CA, and I’ve seen a number of them around here.

  3. I was supprised to see this today because last week we found two coyote’s on the property next to where i work. The lots are five acers and we couldn’t believe they were living there. This morning i saw one of them again so they must be living there.

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