New York State Sets Up Gun Snitch Line With $500 Award

gun shopThe Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

New York State is now offering $500 to people who snitch on gun owners.
Menrec has the story.

And, The Troy Record also has news on the tip line on their Facebook page – It is real. There is actually someone there to take your tips… So that state officials can come take your guns.  

NY State has established a toll-free tip line – 1-855-GUNSNYS (1-855- 486-7697) to encourage residents to report illegal firearm possession. The tip line also allows for information to be submitted via text – individuals can text GUNTIP and their message to CRIMES (274637). The New York State Police staff the tip line 24 hours a day. Upon receiving a call, troopers will solicit as much information as possible regarding a firearm tip then contact the appropriate police agency with the lead to initiate an investigation. If the information leads to an arrest for the illegal possession of a firearm, the “tipster” will be awarded $500.

This is like something you’d read about in China or Cuba, not America.

Pat Bailey from CBS6 has more on the snitch line.

A program aimed at rewarding people who blow the whistle on illegal gun owners has yet to show significant results, says three police agencies in the New York.

In February of 2012, 11 months before the passage of the NY SAFE Act, Governor Cuomo’s office announced a four pronged initiative to curb gun violence. One of the programs was a cash reward for citizens who lead police to the arrest and confiscation of illegal fire arms.

Known as the “Gun Tip Line”, New Yorkers can call a toll free hotline to alert police if they believe someone they know has an illegal gun. The call would be picked up by state police and local law enforcement would be notified if the tip seemed reliable.

If there was an arrest the tipster would receive as much as $500.

24 thoughts on “New York State Sets Up Gun Snitch Line With $500 Award

  1. What are they going to do if someone calls in on a legal gun owner because they don’t like them?. Nothing good can come from this.

    1. Lets all call the Snitch Line on every politician that supported this tyrannical idea. Maybe it the JackBooters bust in on a bunch of old retired ppl and get the pants sued of them they will rethink it.

  2. Too bad New York didn’t set up plane snitch or bush/cheney snitch or c.i.a./mossad snitch orothschild/rockefeller snitch or guillani snitch.American(potential terrorists) citizens are to blame.And being blamed by the very entities that knocked down the towers and used the resulting fear to instigate murder and destroy freedom.Bradley Manning did us all a great service for no monetary gain.Unfortunately it wasn’t free.Where does New York state get the money or authority to make such a wanted poster?Are the powers that be beginning to realize that it will be their heads on the posters soon?Is it arrogance or desperation?

  3. It wasn’t too long ago when “nobody likes a squealer” was part of out culture, but that sentiment, like “standing up for your rights” has been long forgotten since the Zionists were so successful at brainwashing TV viewers.

    When I was young the worst thing someone could be was a “rat”, but now people race to be first to “inform the authorities” at every opportunity. These people need to be re-educated with a baseball bat.

    1. Truly agree. How do we fix it, since any one under 30, maybe even under 35 today, has no clue between right and wrong.

      1. So you would condemn an entire group for the actions of a few? Sounds like the government.
        My sons, who have been raised right, are of the highest integrity and there are many more like them.
        If there was a failure, put in on the generation before them for not educating them correctly. That’s right, blame it on the lazy ass parents whose worship of the dollar they put before their children.

        1. You took the words out of my mouth Jolly Roger & Henry. I have 2 boys both under 35, both were taught to respect and shoot a gun(s) (& Simple and compund bows) before they were in their teens (One could hit a dime tossed in the air, the other almost as good 🙂 They took their Hunters Safety Training got their Certs and hunting licenses. They grew up having BB guns and paintball guns. I have a niece that is 22, she hunts and fishes as do most of my families kids. It is NOT Everyone under 30-35. I know my Grandparents and Parents are rolling in their graves 🙁

    2. “It wasn’t too long ago when “nobody likes a squealer” was part of out culture”

      I remember those days. And then I remembered it mysteriously disappearing little by little. So sad.

      1. What NC?, I still have thought that nobody likes a squealer, snitch. Glad I don`t associate that much `cause every one I know hates a sqealer. Not one good thing to say about a rat snitch, squealer.

  4. But they can’t find any illegal Mexicans. MILLIONS and MILLIONS in this country. Why not have a hotline for that. I can’t wait to get out of this country. Ecuador is the place to go. Way more freedom then here. No WARS not Zionist Controlled Congress. Beach front property for 100,000 and great
    non GMO food. A laid back life and a president who told the US and Isreahell to go to hell.

    1. Bye. And when this world economy falls apart and Ecuador is occupied as a part of the third world war, good luck with your survival being a foreigner in that country. Once we patriots have taken the US back and sets things aright, if you are still alive, don’t even think of returning as this will not be allowed.

  5. Wasn`t there another article posted this morning about how cuomo wants to lower the price of hunting and fishing licenses? This guy is frick`n nuts. How about checking the police dept. first and if a cop is out on bail bond or involved in a shooting on or off duty can he legaly posess a gun?

  6. This might actually be a good thing. Been reading Ward’s “The War of the Revolution.” People didn’t seem to give a damn until things started to hurt. Crazy snitch line abuses and outright stealing wealth from Americans bank accounts might be the only thing to wake people up and fix this place once and for all.

    And yes I know exactly how that sounds, but when your dealing with smart phone drone/zombies I don’t really see them doing the right thing or stepping up without pain.

    1. Yes, like the gun owners map up here. Something that shows all their home addresses, mapped out, on the internet. That would be sweet. LOL (I don’t recommend trying it).

  7. Is this even legal?
    This is what happens when there in no consequences or responsiblity for your actions.
    See artical 5 of the now extinct united States of America Constitution.
    Too bad they didn’t put penalties on the failure to comply with the Constitution.
    I think they called it “Treason”.

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