No Broadcast Today

There will be no broadcast of The Word From the Trenches today.

The Communist regime in China has narrowed the internet news down to a push for the American people to commit treason by voting in yet another fraudulent election.  It is all rubbish and bullshit and we will not parrot it just to fill the hour. 

We’ll see what happens over the weekend, maybe the old propagandists are getting tired of having their irrelevant treason rammed back down their irrelevant throats.

The Bill of Rights is the supreme superior unalienable absolute law for the united states of America.  The enemies’ attempts to attack that law are failing miserably and actually bringing more people to understand who they are and what their authority is.

Hell, they blew up the Georgia Guidestones because their arrogant announcement as to their plans to kill about seven billion people is getting tore apart.  They are finding out that arrogance and threats are no longer creating fear and reluctance, but rather creating hate and impatience.

Stay the course.

2 thoughts on “No Broadcast Today

    1. Yeah!! And Yay!!! I just know many of us are gonna speak louder, harder, broader. And we have the TRUTH. They won’t shut us up!! With that, and our 2nd Article we’ll take back our lives.

      On a side note, but related to how amazing we humans are, here’s this:


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