One thought on “No Cops. Just Law Abiding And 2nd Amendment Loving Citizens? SAME RESULTS

  1. Yea, when I first saw this vid.a while back I thought that it was good and then I started to think about it and I got pissed about it because here ya got a small restaurant filled with gun carryers – good nothing wrong with that 🙂 . People will be that way with a common theif but when a cop or politicion is ripping us all off in every way possible and all us people just sit back and take it. Where I a going with this is that we all – every one of us – have got to have this same attitude towards the PTB and all of those in a power position and until then we people will be getting ripped off just like the theif in the video. Time to stand up to those common faggy theives in washington dc and else where.

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