“No No You Guys, THIS US-Backed Military Coup Is Perfectly Legitimate!”

Medium – by Caitlin Johnstone

I just keep tripping on how dumb this latest US-backed military coup is. It’s in Bolivia in case you’ve lost track, which would be perfectly understandable since US-backed coups have become kind of like US mass shootings — there’s so many of them they’re starting to blend into each other. 

I mean, for starters the justifications for this one are so cartoonishly reachy and desperate it boggles the mind a bit. The main argument you’ll see in favor of the coup is that Evo Morales was elected after Bolivia’s high court ruled that he could run for a fourth term, but the (democratically elected) court ruled against a 2016 referendum on presidential term limits.

That’s it. That weird, pedantic appeal to a particular interpretation of bureaucratic technicalities is the whole entire argument in support of a literal military coup backed by the United States.

And make no mistake, that’s exactly what this was: the military ousting a government is precisely the thing that a coup is. The coup’s Christian fascist leader Luis Fernando Camacho openly tweeted that the military was actively pursuing Morales’ arrest prior to the ousted leader’s escape to Mexico, a tweet he later deleted presumably because the admission makes it much harder to call this military coup anything other than the thing that it is. The Grayzone has published an article documenting this coup’s many ties to Washington. Put it all together, and you’ve got a US-backed military coup.

Read the rest here:  https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/no-no-you-guys-this-us-backed-military-coup-is-perfectly-legitimate-47d5027f2c3a

6 thoughts on ““No No You Guys, THIS US-Backed Military Coup Is Perfectly Legitimate!”

  1. Camacho, eh? Is he a former wrestler in front of the “House o’ Representin'” giving his “word”? A certain Mike Judge movie comes to mind…

  2. Blackwater was involved- the C_A’s main asset., As it turns out, there’s more to the story than lithium, Evo Morales successfully pulled Bolivia away from the IMF and set up a central bank that was independent of the Jewish run banks. He then secured the nation’s resources and set a plan for Bolivian prosperity based on mining and exporting. The tribe did not want a financially independent Inca king running ANY nation, so obviously that’s why the coup was staged, and why Blackwater was contracted to do it.
    Check out Jim Stone freelance journalist for more on Blackwater – he nails it.

  3. Notice how Caitlan gets in a little free advert for phony ‘mass shootings’? Alwaaaaaaays an agenda. Seel the Lies. Never stop

  4. Now all that’s left is a military aid package from the United States to the military construct of the coup.
    How open corporate mafia does this have to get? That is international corporate mafia.

  5. “I mean really, how much lower can the bar get for when a US-backed military coup is justified? “Oh, that government needed to be toppled because the leader got a parking ticket once”? “Well the president wore white after Labor Day, and that’s a fashion atrocity”?”

    They haven’t quite scraped bottom yet, but they’re getting close.

    “… the US-approved interim president is an appalling racist and absolute dimwit who calls to mind a very low-budget Bolivian version of Sarah Palin.”

    That’s scary.

    “How lost do you have to be to believe that this US-backed military coup is different from all the others? How many times is Charlie Brown going to run up and try to kick Lucy’s football?”

    How lost?

    Depends on deep you are into ‘TalmudVision Land’.

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