4 thoughts on “No to ‘Fast Track,’ No to Trade Treachery

  1. 10 seconds into this video was all I needed . grayson POS . The suspense is killing me !!!

    1. Was taken aback when I saw his [commie] name, but judged solely on the source where I originally found this I decided to watch the entire (brief) video.

      Watched this awhile ago – his motivation is fairly clear but the points he makes against the insanely authoritarian TPP are even more clear and valid.

  2. Our debt? I don’t think so. All this debt being heaped upon American nationals is bankster fraud and debt; put the debt rightfully on the backs of the trillionaire banksters. And Alan Grayson is nothing more than a propagandist and controlled opposition: the man is a dual Israeli citizen.

  3. the message is the important thing ……..grayson is a traitor just like the rest of them…….I always look for USA made products and if I can’t find them then I don’t buy unless it is something I really need….I do not mind paying more for American made…….many people just look at the price and not where the product is made……..I have found some American made items cheaper than imports

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