19 thoughts on “No Word From the Trenches again today

  1. That’s ok Henry, I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to understand you anyway. Especially after a couple shots of loaded egg nogg, it’s all good brother 🙂

    I’m in shit hole Detroit, and I’m thirsty, I got screwed out of a load, I was supposed to eat with Darzak, that isn’t going to happen, I cant believe I’m stuck in this shit hole.

      1. What happens is these damned brokers get a better price, then they call our people and cancel the load, a practice that screws the drivers big time. I raised hell and demanded layover pay. Will see how that turns out. And trucking companies cry about a high driver turnover rate. This buisness is cut throat as hell.

        Have an awesome Thanksgiving Mary, they do everything big in Texas. 

        1. oh thanks Mark…..I am not cooking haha…ordered a turkey dinner from a restaurant last week…tomorrow I get a call when to go and pick it up….best part…no cleanup ….try to have a somewhat enjoyable day, Mark…

    1. That SUX, Mark. 🙁
      Won’t be the same as dinner with Darzak’s family but, Cracker Barrel has a good Thanksgiving dinner (decent portions, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, just no alcohol and LONG wait [unless you call first/reservation]) . Hubby and I had to go to one in VA last year while on the road. Nothing else was open. We were pleasantly surprised by the dinner.


  3. ‘still can’t talk’…………Laura, this is known as a captive audience …haha….you guys have a most wonder Thanksgiving together…..I am so thankful I found you guys!!!!!

  4. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Shivley clan! Get well soon. Dishing out the truth while simultaneously giving em HELL like you do takes a lot out of you.

  5. Apologies for being slow to put up articles today. The wifi in the hospital where Henry was getting the bleeding to stop would not let me open the site email.

      1. Mark, your rock candy and jaw breakers (last night’s comments) are COMPLETELY OUT OF THE QUESTION. 😉 😀

        No Willie Wonka “Three-Course Meal” gum either, Sunfire. LOL

    1. -Admin
      Thank you for keeping us posted. I had the same issue many times when Hubby was in the hospital.
      As far as I’m concerned, no apologies a necessary. I don’t think I’m being out of line in saying that Trenchers understand. Taking care of Henry is your priority. We love you.
      Henry- Rest, Heal, take all the time you need. <3

  6. The holidays are sentimental, and I’m having a moment. Sighs and tears all mixed in with gratefulness, gratefulness even in this messed up world. Am thinkin’ about Henry and the path he walks, and about Laura at his side, and about all the trenchers who walk there, too. It occurred to me that it is THE most difficult path because it requires such a total commitment to truth and freedom, and it also requires tremendous courage.

    I want to take this Thanksgiving moment to thank Henry, Laura, and all who come here day-after-day and offer so much wisdom. I learn so much from everybody and you help me laugh, and also cry, and sometimes we just gotta cry. Not to get too overly emotional, but I have to say, I love you guys and thank you for being you.

    And Henry, the world ain’t never seen the likes of you, at least not since those few revolutionaries who proved true a couple of hundred years ago, those who gave everything. How grateful I am that you are willing to share so much and help point the way. Truly, you are a LIGHT!!

    So Much Respect,


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