Nobel Peace Prize for AWOL War President

BATR, March 27, 2011

William Jefferson Clinton was called the first black president. Now it can be said that Barry Soetoro is the first female president. What justifies such a label? Clearly, Barack Hussein Obama has no cojones. The Ipanema vacationer practices his African samba carnival dance while carnage rains from tomahawk missiles. Humanitarian altruism acts as cover for a remote controlled marionette doing the bidding in the Soros world of his sorcerer mentors. This commander in chief runs from his own shadow.

Do you recall when media outlets with calls of “the wimp factor” bedeviled George Herbert Walker Bush? Or do you remember when a national magazine emblazoned, Jr – George Walker Bush with the wrong “W.” He is not a wimp? Well, what name do you use when a lily-livered mistake of a president needs to interrupt another holiday to push the war buttons, while his girls, Sasha and Malia await more spring break entertainment? Obama shed his coat and tie, rolled up his sleeves and dribbled one-on-one soccer with one surprised boy from a Rio slum. What a do-gooder.  

Sorry, folks this excuse for a leader exemplifies the feminization of a pussy-whipped upbringing. His need to use the singular I in every other sentence and the delusional claim that he speaks for all Americans is characteristic of an insecure crybaby who cannot handle criticism or reasoned refrains. A mammy’s boy of untold pansy traits, is a sissy POTUS. His mental instability is similar to a man hating feminist, feeling perpetual menstrual cycle urges of self-destruction. Such a whiner induces a cognitive dissonance administration that has small testicles with the swagger of a bully’s bravado. Ordering others to do the dirty deeds is the disgraceful profile in courage of a coward.

The Orwellian newspeak coming out of the military permanent security empire was almost too much for Defense Secretary Robert Gate. Yet, his gut objections against another foreign incursion were overridden by the culture of compliance. Any strong leader and person of conscience would have resigned his post before unleashing the dogs of war.

4189538459_ef854822b6.jpgSuch a president, is commendable of a second courtier award, the first War is Peace medal. The standards to qualify require the killing of thousands to take out one bad man whose successor will be interchanged from among scores of replacement despots waiting in line for empire approval. Serenity reestablished for the New World Order gets another noble prize. Ignorance of the masses = the strength of the system.

The time is ripe for the next substitute clone president. Obama’s claim for party re-nomination as the leader of the free world has evaporated. His minions distance themselves as the house of cards collapses. Barry is a joke and his handlers know he has done enough, if not all the damage envisioned, in this stage of completing the Totalitarian Collectivism model.

The neocons have an ideal loyal opposition dummy in Obama. The progressive left twist in the wind as they bite their tongues to stop their criticism of their inept underdog hero. The disarray in policy has the appearance of weakness, while still pursuing the same aggressive destruction of the Middle East region to secure control over the oil and protect the Zionist lust for a greater Israel.

Kathleen Parker, of the Washington Post makes these points. “Women tend to be coalition builders rather than mavericks (with the occasional rogue exception). While men seek ways to measure themselves against others, for reasons requiring no elaboration, women form circles and talk it out.”

The ADR Prof Blog reflects up this viewpoint.

“Additionally, women are generally viewed as effective communicators while employing “feminine” communication styles, but have been chastised for taking on styles normally attributed to men. For example, Hillary Clinton has received continual criticism for talking too assertively.

Would you agree that Obama’s style, in comparison to past presidents and to the stereotypical male politician, is “feminine” and that he is suffering as a result of that adoption? Is this sentiment true of other men who adopt the “listener” style?”

20091011-Hillary-Clinton-and-Joe-Biden-react-to-the-news-that-President-Obama-won-the-Nobel-Peace-Prize.jpgThis Ms. President is over her head. All the more reason to defer to foreign policy experts like Clinton and Biden. What a crew. Absent-minded Joe is so far out of the loop that the “village idiot” is still looking for the train to get back to The Villages. As for HilLAIRy, she swings her woody stick with the enthusiasm of a cheerleader at a Vince Foster wake. Who better to dictate the internment over the Siege of Tobruk? It takes a Nazi to raise a comrade and a spy to sell out their country.

Before anyone misunderstands the true nature of a strong American leader, the best war president is one who never takes the nation into harm’s way for imperialistic motives. The war that needs waging is the one against the real enemy, the globalist international community of elite’s.

20091011-Hillary-Clinton-and-Joe-Biden-react-to-the-news-that-President-Obama-won-the-Nobel-Peace-Prize.jpgObama’s willingness to continue the Afghanistan adventure to make the world safe for poppy seed distribution brings an opium habit of collateral damage to a higher level. The ongoing evil empire continues under a different name and another administration. The only message that changes is the “PC” wordsmith distortions of the face of war.

Writing in Slate, Timothy Noah nails it with a hammer of dynamic precision in When warfare gets “kinetic”. The Rumsfeld tradition continues under Madam President Obama.

“The recent war in Afghanistan demonstrates that when the chips are down, we still find it necessary to go kinetic. Indeed, for all its novel methods of non-kinetic warfare, today’s military is much more deadly than it ever was before. For the foreseeable future, civilians and at least a few soldiers will continue to be killed in war. “Kinetic” seems an objectionable way to describe this reality from the point of view of both doves and hawks. To those who deplore or resist going to war, “kinetic” is unconscionably euphemistic, with antiseptic connotations derived from high-school physics and aesthetic ones traceable to the word’s frequent use by connoisseurs of modern dance. To those who celebrate war (or at least find it grimly necessary), “kinetic” fails to evoke the manly virtues of strength, fierceness, and bravery. Imagine Rudyard Kipling penning the lines, “For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ ‘Chuck him out, the brute!’/ But it’s ‘Saviour of ‘is country’ when the U.K goes kinetic.” Is it too late to remove this word from the Washington lexicon?”

The mad rush to occupy the lands of Northern Africa, the Middle East and central Asia is all about the elimination of the nation state and the merging of strong-arm dictator regimes or tribal feuding factions, into a worldwide synthetic kingdom of top down global authoritarianism.

In order to deserve a peace prize a recipient needs to demonstrate leadership in the cause of the sacred nature and sanctity of human life. The bogus claim that the Libyan attack is based upon humanitarian motives ignores the last forty years of crony capitalism with Colonel Gaddafi. What changed now and just who are these phantom rebels?

Obama deserves the Gideon Pillow medal of dishonor for consistent incompetency and cowardice for firing the first shoot. Another failed president and coldblooded wartime general, Ulysses S. Grant sets the qualifications. “I had known General Pillow in Mexico, and judged that with any force, no matter how small, I could march up to within gunshot of any entrenchments he was given to hold.”

Just think about it. This libber president holds the nuclear football codes. America needs a divorce from this attention seeking personality. With no prenuptial, the keys to the oval office need to be retrieved. Keeping the doors locked is a good start.

SARTRE – March 27, 2011

2 thoughts on “Nobel Peace Prize for AWOL War President

  1. The author still thinks that a strong president, or any president can change our situation, and he’s pretty far behind the learning curve regarding real politics, which leaves only two possibilities: 1. He’s not very bright. 2. He’s a lying sack of dung intentionally adding support to the fraud.

    “Now it can be said that Barry Soetoro is the first female president. What justifies such a label?”

    Maybe it’s his membership in the same gay bath house that Rahlm Emanuel belongs to…. or possibly that his “wife” has the penis of a porn star.

    And before you lend any credence whatsoever to that prestigious “Nobel Prize”, why don’t we remember that the Nobel prize committee is just another gang of lying Zionist politicians?

    Speak the truth, or shut up.

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