2 thoughts on “Not Only Are Wind Farms A Blight On The Landscape, This Is What They Do To Wildlife.

  1. Tell me about it! This crapola has been going on for many years regarding the wind turbins between Fort Stockton and Ozona (we’re talking 110 miles here along I-10!)…decades! I am a bird lover (and really, all wildlife), bird watcher (outside our house I watch birds getting water or “bathing” all the time…and it’s getting to be winter, dark-eyed junco time! Cutest birds ever!) and knowing what these “climate change” abominations are doing to birds…and bats no doubt… And oh yeah, ERCOT, thanks also for the electricity outages during big freezes which I am sure will happen this coming winter (Grand Solar Minimum, La Nina, etc)…And now ‘president’ Biden wants them in the oceans…I guess killing birds and bats isn’t good enough….

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