11 thoughts on “NW Montana 60 degrees 3:15pm Central

        1. No, but they bitch and moan about it. (My boss)

          They cut infant of you and drop rocks. Young punks driving to fast. Still haven’t figured out that driving like an idiot doesn’t make you more money.

          Big shots in big pretty trucks.

          I gotta be careful here, I used to be one of them. LMAO

  1. 60 degrees, eh? Sounds like far west Texas! As for windshield issues, happens all the time out here, dump trucks or no dump trucks….and then there’re birds….

    1. Oh yeah, the birds, I’ve hit my share, scares the hell out of you at night. Hit a beautiful barn owl once, just about killed me mentally, there are a lot of wise tales about hitting and killing birds like that, sometimes I think they’re committing suicide.

      But that beautiful owl, really hurt me bad. They fly right into the truck, especially at night. Yeah. I know the lights, but still, strange man…always the windshield so I always see it.

    1. Thx HD, these go right back into the ground once I get to Washington. Big sky Montana, always beautiful, surrounded by all the bullshit.

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