NYC mayor to paddle in Adirondack Challenge

Guides from the North Creek Rafting Company paddle whitewater clients down the Indian River on their way to the Hudson River.DenPubs – by Bill Quinlivan

Indian Lake — Indian Lake Town Supervisor Brian Wells announced during the July 8 Town Board meeting that a New York Daily News article published that day was devoted to the fact that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be taking part in the Adirondack Challenge, racing against Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a whitewater raft.

Bloomberg and Cuomo are expected to be competing with six-member teams here Monday, July 22, a day after the Governor’s Invitational Whitewater Race on the Indian River for the governor and other elected officials and invited guests, according to officials in the governor’s press office. And the Daily News story, written by Kenneth Lovett, states that the race between the governor and the mayor will take place on Indian Lake. However, press office officials said July 11 this was a reporting error and the two teams will be racing whitewater rafts on the Indian River, not flatwater.  (Read the extended story.)

On the morning of July 21, there will be a nearly 15-mile Flatwater Challenge Canoe Race on Indian Lake and a festival with food and music at the town’s Byron Park. That would include an awards ceremony hosted by the governor.

The Adirondack Challenge is designed to highlight the Adirondack Park as a tourism region.

Board members July 8 also passed a resolution to close part of Chain Lakes Road from July 20 to 22. The closure is for protection and special security measures that need to be met surrounding the nature of the event and that of the participants. Law enforcement agents will determine the specific closure site. Wells said whitewater rafting businesses will still be able to access to the river on the road. Whitewater businesses launch their rafts on the Indian River on their way to the Hudson River.

In other business, Blue Mountain Lake Association President John Collins followed up his written thank-you note with a personal acknowledgement of the fine work done by the town’s Parks and Recreation team helping the Woodson Company’s staff and local volunteers in installing the town’s new playground. He also thanked the board for the rehabilitated tennis court. Collins closed by inviting Town Board members to visit Blue Mountain Lake and inspect the work and encouraged residents and visitors to bring the “kiddies” to enjoy the new facilities.

Supervisor Wells said he appreciated the work done by town employees who faced challenges from all the recent storm activity. In addition, Councilwoman Sally Stanton said how good the town looked for the 4th of July holiday period with “all the flags up and the chairs out.”

Though Blue Mountain Lake has passed the last two water inspections, Wells said the state is recommending that the town move to drilled wells as its water source. There is another piece of property that town officials are considering buying for exploratory-drilled wells. Given that the last attempt at purchasing property fell through, the New York State Department of Health has been asked for an extension to the date by which plans and specifications are to be submitted.

Finally, Wells communicated his personal thanks to everyone who spoke and came out to the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) Finch land classification hearings. He mentioned that the effort can’t stop and must continue. Wells is urging all citizens to write letters to the APA prior to the July 19 deadline. He also said he is putting together a package of correspondence that will include any letters that are sent to the Town Board concerning the topic. This packet is leaving Indian Lake Town Hall on July 17 and any letters he receives prior will be forwarded as part of that packet. He alluded to a letter sent to him by John and Ann Miller, owners of the Indian Lake Restaurant and Tavern, clearly outlining their support of the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub’s position for a classification of the former Finch lands as “Wild Forest” for the economic viability of all the surrounding towns and the businesses within them.

The next regular board meeting will be held on Aug. 12 at 7 p.m. in the Blue Mountain Lake Fire Hall.

10 thoughts on “NYC mayor to paddle in Adirondack Challenge

  1. “See, the water’s fine! We’re taking a rafting trip! Nevermind that ancient, leaking Indian Point Nuclear Facility… It’s been fixed, it’s perfectly safe… and don’t give a second thought about those wells… Come to NY! We love ‘Outdoorsmen’! We’re ‘Outdoorsmen’, too! (Just don’t come until after our crews paddle us down river, as the roads will be closed and our armed “Security” will be camouflaged in the woods.)” Bloomie/Cuomo

  2. Hope the Zioturd cull runs into those dudes from “Deliverance” & they keep him for a boytoy.

    1. If only… that would be Sweet… 🙂 Not a chance though.
      Today, they announced that this little stunt is a “Media Only” Event. The “Public” is not allowed. The entire route these two (only their two teams, no other elected officials chose to participate) are taking will be blocked, sanitized, and secured. However, there will be festivities at the End…
      LOL What a joke.

      1. Festivities? Probably a re-run of “Caligula”. Him & the Monkey King sure can party on the Taxpayer’s dollar while the infrastructure goes to hell.

        1. Next, they’ll be announcing their Fishing Tournament… Then, their Hunting Trip (Guided & Media Only, of course).

          1. Him & Dick Cheney in the same duckblind??…Cooool!

            Indian Lake? Didn’t the Cowsills write a song about that place?

  3. May they get there foot stuck under a rock after falling out of the raft.
    Hey blloombitch and q-homo I HOPE YOU DIE in the river.
    Hey every piece of garbage that will save them. I hope your families realize your a traitor and hang your a$$e$ or at least give you aids.

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