NYC mom found in duffel bag stabbed nearly 60 times: report

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A married mother of two was stabbed nearly 60 times after she allegedly met up with a man at her $2 million New York City home while her teen son was upstairs, according to a new report.

A preliminary autopsy revealed that Orsolya Gaal, 51, received 60 sharp blunt force injuries to her neck, torso and left arm, police sources told the New York Post

Her carotid artery and trachea had been sliced, and she had wounds on her fingers and the palms of her hands, the newspaper reported.

Gaal allegedly told her 13-year-old son Friday that she was going out to watch a show but later met up with another man, police sources told WPIX.

Gaal’s husband and older 17-year-old son were out of town scoping out colleges.

The unidentified man allegedly killed Gaal in the basement of her home and then used her phone to send an ominous text to her businessman husband Howard Klein, “Your whole family is next!” police sources told WPIX.

Gaal’s bloodied corpse was found stuffed inside a hockey duffel bag just after 8 a.m. Saturday about a half a mile from her family’s Forest Hills home, according to police.

Authorities believe the suspect knew his victim and attacked her out of anger, police sources told the newspaper.

A trail of blood led back to the slain woman’s Tudor-style house in the upscale Queens neighborhood, police said.

Surveillance video captured an unidentified person wheeling a duffel bag down a sidewalk at about 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

“There are concerns about our safety,” Klein told the newspaper. “Our lives are at risk.”

Police questioned Gaal’s 13-year-old son, but he was later released.

Neighbors were shocked by the murder in the quiet suburb. “I can’t even understand how terrifying this is,” a resident told the outlet.

“It’s very unusual to see this. I don’t know how this could happen around here.”

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10 thoughts on “NYC mom found in duffel bag stabbed nearly 60 times: report

  1. I’m so upset by this. I’m struck to the point that if I were only close enough I would do without food for two days to buy a wreath of roses that I would carry through twenty blocks of homeless people sitting on the street to get to silk stocking avenue so I could lay the wreath at her gate of her $2 million estate.
    I wonder how many American nationals froze to death or died of hunger this winter.
    You have to give me a little time. I need to be alone to cry for this woman.
    By the way, I wonder who her family f-ked. Life is getting complicated for those poor rich people.
    I leave you with a single tear rolling down my cheek.

    1. Condolences, Henry. I know this is hard on you. You so respect her success and place of prominence in life. This can’t be easy for you to get through. Give it some time. Forget about the underpasses. The rich are being hunted. What could concern us more?!!


  2. Interesting:

    “In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Gaal is: Contempt, abomination.”

    Poor howie klein is probably all broken up and sittin’ shiva.

    One less joo so good, if this ain’t a rabbinical production to garner sympathy for the tribe.

    They question howie and who the other guy might be?

  3. “ Your whole family is next”?
    Youngest son upstairs. Untouched. Father and other son shopping for colleges?
    Yeah ok. F#%! them all.

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