NYPD offers its retirees on pensions part-time jobs

NYPD offers its retirees on pensions part-time jobsNew York Post – by Larry Celona and Laura Italiano

The NYPD is offering a sweet deal to its retirees, asking hundreds of them to consider part-time, nonpatrol jobs with the department while still collecting their pensions, according to a survey sent out Wednesday and obtained by The Post.

The returning retirees would work as recruiters and instructors, and might also be called on to scrutinize applicants and make verification visits to cops who call in sick.  

The retirees would “work part time in various positions traditionally staffed by active uniformed members of the service,” and would work 20-hour weeks at a salary of $30,000 a year, according to the survey.

Along with pension payments, the retirees would accrue sick time and get access to union health benefits, the survey said.

It is unclear if the NYPD sees this as a way to save on new hires, to beef up patrols by getting more full-timers off desk jobs and on the street, or both.

The survey was e-mailed to retired cops who registered on the NYPD’s Actively Retired Web site, indicating they would be available to help out if there is a catastrophic incident in the city.

Police-union officials lambasted the idea when told about the proposal by The Post.

“This union would be vehemently opposed to the idea of replacing active police officers and detectives who are performing vital and important functions with part-time employees,” said Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch.

But retired cops hailed the effort as an idea worth exploring, noting that it would appeal to retirees who want to help the department while earning extra cash.

“Just because you retire, you never stop being a cop,” one retiree said.


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  1. You have to hire a cop to see if another cop is telling the truth? That he/she is really sick? Now that right there is funny!

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