NYPD officer busted for spying on his stepdaughter for sexual pleasure: court documents

New York Daily News – by BARRY PADDOCK

The cop busted for spying with a surveillance camera was actually peeping on his own stepdaughter for sick sexual gratification, officials revealed Monday.

Officer Miguel Gomez, 41, secretly watched the 21-year-old getting dressed and having sex between May 28 and July 15 in the home she shared with the cop and her mom in the Bronx, according to court papers.  

Gomez, who has been on the force eight years, was arraigned in Bronx Supreme Court Friday on three counts of unlawful surveillance.

He was released without bail, but barred him from contact with his stepdaughter was issued.

Gomez could not be reached and his lawyer did not return a call for comment.

Gomez wasn’t the only cop to land in hot water over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend.

Three off-duty cops faced drunk driving charges after crashing their vehicles.

• Detective Washington Mosquera, 37, hit a stopped FDNY ambulance at Jamaica Ave. and Highland Blvd. in East New York, Brooklyn, about 1:30 a.m. Monday, police sources said. Nobody was injured in the fender-bender.

Mosquera was charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to take a Breathalyzer test.

• On Sunday, Officer Joseph King, 28, was arrested after allegedly crashing his 2006 Acura into a parked vehicle on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway near 49th St. in Astoria, Queens, about 4:25 a.m.

Two women in the other vehicle were hospitalized for pain to their neck, back and legs.

King, who prosecutors say had an open bottle of Bacardi rum in his car, was arraigned on charges of driving drunk and leaving the scene of an accident.

He was freed on $2,500 bail.

• Also on Sunday, Officer Dennis Munge, 32, crashed his 2011 Toyota into a traffic median and several parked vehicles on Northern Blvd. and 93rd St. in Jackson Heights, Queens, about 4:45 a.m., prosecutors said.

He was arraigned Sunday on a drunken driving charge and released without bail.


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6 thoughts on “NYPD officer busted for spying on his stepdaughter for sexual pleasure: court documents

  1. Gomez should be thrown in prison and fired and never allowed to own a firearm. that other pig refused a breathalizer should be held in jail and who gives a damn if he didn`t injure anyone He is a drunk breaking the law plus he damadged property – a fender bender is still property damadge. They all should be in jail and they should all loose their jubs. I would like to know if that gomez has any child porn on his computer. Them bastards.

  2. And these are the same kind of guys who are given a gun and have an accuracy rating of 20% and can’t even shoot someone 4 feet away without killing other innocent people in the process.

    Hell, I don’t really blame these low-lifes. They are just hired, petty thugs who should be put in jail. The one’s I do blame, however, are the asshole head politicians and heads of the mafias who hire them. Low life guys like this cop are a dime a dozen in NY. If you don’t capture the heads of the beasts, they will keep coming back with more tentacles to sting you with.

    1. Cathleen, you ain’t seen nothing yet! You know where it is coming from. We all do. Prepare your hearts everyone. We are in for a long ride. Now, were stepping into the twilight zone. This society has a thin veneer of civility on the surface, underneath it is pure evil ready to break the surface. In the not to distant future all good men and women will have to take their families and leave the cities “far” behind, if not now.

  3. Just think of what this pervert would do to a pretty girl in handcuffs.

    I think we may have a lot of cops drinking heavily now because they know what’s coming. If three of them were caught in one day, I’d guess that hundreds of them are driving around drunk on a regular basis.

    It may have been a year or two ago, but does anyone else remember about 100 Sheriffs and police chiefs across the nation resigning in one month? They must have known what’s on the way and decided they wanted no part of it. Many can’t afford to give up their paycheck for their political beliefs, and may be turning to alcohol to deal with the conflict.

    1. Yes, JR. I remember that and I remember all of the banksters and heads of large corporations, also. That would be an interesting subject to follow-up on. I think that it was the american kabuki website that was keeping track of the banksters. Let me go look.

      Yes, I found the list but it has not been updated since last April. There are 611 Banker Resignations on this list. http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/p/banker-resignations.html. This guy David Wilcox who runs this site is way to new agey for me, but banker resignations part of his site was ok. I guess? It was amazing to watch his list grow everyday day when it was going on. It made you know something was definitely going on. Especially, with the police and sheriffs doing the same thing.

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