NYPD rookie gives lieutenant lap dance at wild holiday party now under investigation

New York Post – by Tina Moore, Steven Vago, Jorge Fitz-Gibbon

An NYPD rookie got down and dirty at a raucous holiday bash for her Bronx precinct — giving her lieutenant a raunchy, caught-on-video lap dance at the wild event, according to footage and sources.

The not-so-Finest moment infuriated department higher-ups, who have launched an investigation into Thursday’s incident — and already booted the lieutenant to Transit, sources told The Post.

The newbie female cop is seen in the seamy footage wearing a checkered black-and-white miniskirt, black cut-off tank top and black knee-high boots as she grinds on top of 44th Precinct Lt. Nick McGarry in the Yonkers bar, according to law enforcement sources and several videos.

“Oh, my God!’’ someone in the crowd shouts.

The married, grinning higher-up sits in his chair in the middle of the crowd — at times resting his hands on his sexy underling’s thighs — as she shakes her booty against his groin and some people cheer.

See the pics and read the rest here; https://nypost.com/2021/12/19/nypd-rookie-gives-boss-lap-dance-at-wild-holiday-party/

11 thoughts on “NYPD rookie gives lieutenant lap dance at wild holiday party now under investigation

  1. Disrespect. Not the sexy dance, but to his wife. Imagine how his wife feels?!! I couldn’t come back from something like this. Can we conclude most cops are STUPID?!!


      1. My buddy(rest his soul) got caught in a similar situation. He had a brand new 38k Harley trike. She had a hammer. ..yeeaaahhh. Oww

        1. Wow!! Did they stay together? I had a neighbor who learned of her husband’s cheating. Next morning she went to the hardware store and purchased 2 gallons of chartreuse paint. Drove over to his very posh office where he wasn’t yet in, opened the cans and redecorated the place for him. The walls, carpets, desk, ceiling, file cabinets, art, etc. Splish-Splash!!!! They did not remain together. 🙂


          1. Nice 🙂 Sadly, he had a widow maker at work before they reached that point of possible reconciliation. He knew he was going and hoped it would happen on company grounds as they would compensate 3yrs salary to the.family. Bad diabetic with all the heart trimmings. 48 years old and called out his own passing to within a year.

  2. Black and white checkered mini skirt screams Masonic dirty church cabal on viagra. Never mind in your face! When it’s in your lap, you’re literally f****d!

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