Obama Calls For Striking Union Workers To Be Fired

Western Journalism

Hilarity ensues as a panicked Barack Obama – fresh off his defeat at the hands of elderly World War II veterans – grabs a microphone and makes a compelling case for firing every union worker who goes on strike.
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4 thoughts on “Obama Calls For Striking Union Workers To Be Fired

  1. I’ll bet the union workers who so strongly supported Obama for President are now really … really … REALLY … pi**ed off!

    Gotta vote with your eyes open people and not with your emotions.
    . . .

  2. This is a perfect example of them, “Eating Their Young”.
    I hope this literally consumes them both.
    We’d all be better off without either of them.

  3. The applause of the morons is music to his (big) ears.

    By his own admission he should be fired (and subsequently hung as a traitor), since he is definitely NOT doing the job he was hired to do.

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