Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early

U.S. President Barack Obama waves as he arrives for a campaign rally for Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (R) at a High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland October 19,  2014.  REUTERS-Kevin LamarqueReuters – by Jeff Mason

President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity.

With approval levels hovering around record lows, Obama has spent most of his campaign-related efforts this year raising money for struggling Democrats, who risk losing control of the U.S. Senate in the Nov. 4 midterm election.  

Most candidates from his party have been wary of appearing with him during their election races because of his sagging popularity.

Not so Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown of Maryland, who is running for governor, and Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois, who is running for re-election. Obama plans to appear at an event for Quinn later in the evening.

“You’ve got to vote,” Obama repeated over and over at a rally for Brown in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, near Washington.

Democrats have a history of not turning up to vote in midterm elections.

“There are no excuses. The future is up to us,” Obama said.

A steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium while he spoke, however, and a heckler interrupted his remarks.

Obama’s help, or lack thereof, may not matter much to Brown, who is 11 points ahead of Republican opponent Larry Hogan, according to an average of polls by RealClearPolitics.

Quinn’s race is tighter. He is ahead of Republican opponent Bruce Rauner by 1.8 points, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

Obama is scheduled to spend the night at his Chicago home after the campaign event for Quinn.

(Reporting by Jeff Mason; Editing by Mohammad Zargham)


8 thoughts on “Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early

  1. “A steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium while he spoke, however, and a heckler interrupted his remarks.”

    Only one?

    They should have ALL heckled him, and thrown whatever was handy.

    Like shoes.

  2. If I were a constituent running for a Democratic position, I’d forbid Obola from campaigning for me at all. How embarrassing for the constituent. He may have just lost before he even began.
    . . .

  3. “You’ve got to vote,”
    I hate to state the obvious, but this is what happens when you do.
    How bad could things get if you didn’t?
    As disconnected and out of touch as government on all levels is, what happens if voter turn out hits catastrophic numbers and they don’t have a mandate?

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    If your ever at one of these commie rally’s,.. for whatever reason,.. and scum like Ocrapo,.. or one of his henchmen show up and start talking,… DON’T LEAVE!!!,…. what you do is starting chanting in a subdued voice, “Traitor,.. traitor,… traitor,… traitor,… traitor,.. traitor,… traitor,.. traitor,..” and keep doing it.

    Soon as a few people join in,… others will join in.

    Because your standing there (or sitting…) there,… chanting this in a subdued manner,.. the “security” won’t know who is doing it,… or where it started,…. and as more people join in,… it naturally gets louder,.. and louder,… and louder!

    If there are ANY patriots, loyal Americans,.. or even any awake, or pissed off Americans in the audience,.. they will join in.

    This is the best way to humilate these scumbags,… when a portion of the audience just start quietly chanting “traitor”!

    JD – US Marines – Scumbags like Ocrapo,.. and his ilk can NOT stand one thing,.. and that is being in the bright light of truth,… and having an audience let him know,… THAT EVERYONE KNOWS,… he,.. (and his fellow puke),… are Traitors!


    1. Hey J.D., we would have to infiltrate “the awakened ” into the crowd for that very purpose, otherwise, people who can see would never be at attendance in the Political Bullshit Theater. These events are typically attended by people that you would want to just slap across the face and say “Snap out of it!”

      1. Hi Millard,


        The only retards that go to an event like this intentionally,.. are the ones who are typically to far gone to save to begin with.

        A slap in the face won’t wake them up,… in fact,… a 2×4 to the back of the head would not even do it.

        There is just a segment of society,… that is beyond saving,.. and won’t believe these commies intent to exterminate most of them,… until they are kneeling at the edge of the pit,… hands tied behing their back,.. and they keep mumbling,…”but,…. but,… but,.. i was one of the good guys!!!,.. I didn’t fight against you!!!,………..click-BANG!”

        Oppppssss,… to late.

        JD – US Marines – Yes,.. I wish the commies would exterminate their own kind already,… the problem is of course,… they intent to start with the Patriots,… so as a matter of course in defending ourselves,… we inadvertently protect the scum.


        1. They have to get our guns first. That, I am certain, will never happen without a war. So hear we are, just sittin’ back waiting for the shoe to drop. Their theatrical productions on the nightly news could be award winners on Comedy Central. Don’t put anything past these psychopaths as they are capable of incredible evil as we have witnessed throughout history. I will continue to support you and Henry and “The Trenches” as there is no better site on the planet if one wants to learn the truth. We have so many editors to scrutinize every article and sift though the bullshit to get to the truth that once an article has been through the process, most will agree to the conclusion of our thoughts. Thank you again Henry, Laura, and J.D. for your service and providing us this forum.

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