Obama Moves to Weaponize IRS


In 2010 millions of American tea-party constitutionalists, to include the GOP’s Christian base, united in a remarkable grass-roots effort to rein in our unbridled federal government and return it to its expressly limited constitutional confines. As a result, an unprecedented number of counter-constitutionalist lawmakers (read: liberal Democrats) were swept from office.  

The Obama administration wasn’t going to take this lying down. Whether it was by tacit approval or via direct order remains largely immaterial. The president quickly and unlawfully politicized the Internal Revenue Service, using it as a weapon against his political enemies. In an explosive scandal that continues to grow, the Obama IRS was caught – smoking gun in hand – intentionally targeting conservative and Christian organizations and individuals for harassment, intimidation and, ultimately, for political destruction.

Not only has Obama faced zero accountability for these arguably impeachable offenses, he has since doubled down. With jaw-dropping gall, his administration has now moved to officially weaponize the IRS against conservatives once and for all.

Despite the furor over the IRS assault on conservative groups leading up to the 2012 elections, this man – a despotic radical who’s turned our constitutional republic into one of the banana variety – has quietly released a proposed set of new IRS regulations that, if implemented, will immediately, unlawfully and permanently muzzle conservative 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations and their individual employees. (The 501(c)(4) designation refers to the IRS code section under which social welfare organizations are regulated).

The new regulations would unconstitutionally compel a 90-day blackout period during election years in which conservative 501(c)(4) organizations – such as tea-party, pro-life and pro-family groups – would be banned from mentioning the name of any candidate for office, or even the name of any political party.

Here’s the kicker: As you may have guessed, liberal lobbying groups like labor unions and trade associations are deliberately exempted. And based on its partisan track record, don’t expect this president’s IRS to lift a finger to scrutinize liberal 501(c)(4)s. Over at a Obama’s “Organizing for America,” the left-wing political propaganda will, no doubt, flow unabated.

These Orwellian regulations will prohibit conservative 501(c)(4) organizations from using words like “oppose,” “vote,” or “defeat.” Their timing, prior to a pivotal election, is no coincidence and provides yet another example of Obama’s using the IRS for “progressive” political gain.

Although these restrictions only apply to 501(c)(4) organizations for now, under a straightforward reading, they will also clearly apply to 501(c)(3) organizations in the near future.

Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel Action – one of the many conservative organizations to be silenced – commented on the breaking scandal: “One of the core liberties in our constitutional republic is the right to dissent,” he said. “But desperate to force his radical agenda on the American people, Barack Obama and his chosen political tool, the IRS, are now trying to selectively abridge this right, effectively silencing their political adversaries.”

Specifically, here’s what the proposed regulations would do to conservative groups and their leaders:

  • Prohibit using words like “oppose,” “vote,” “support,” “defeat,” and “reject.”
  • Prohibit mentioning, on its website or on any communication (email, letter, etc.) that would reach 500 people or more, the name of a candidate for office, 30 days before a primary election and 60 days before a general election.
  • Prohibit mentioning the name of a political party, 30 days before a primary election and 60 days before a general election, if that party has a candidate running for office.
  • Prohibit voter registration drives or conducting a non-partisan “get-out-the-vote drive.”
  • Prohibit creating or distributing voter guides outlining how incumbents voted on particular bills.
  • Prohibit hosting candidates for office at any event, including debates and charitable fundraisers, 30 days before a primary election or 60 days before the general election, if the candidate is part of the event’s program.
  • Restrict employees of such organizations from volunteering for campaigns.
  • Prohibit distributing any materials prepared on behalf a candidate for office.
  • Restrict the ability of officers and leaders of such organizations to publicly speak about incumbents, legislation, and/or voting records.
  • Restrict the ability of officers and leaders of such organizations to make public statements regarding the nomination of judges.
  • Create a 90-day blackout period, on an election year, that restricts the speech of 501(c)(4) organizations.
  • Declare political activity as contrary to the promotion of social welfare.
  • Protect labor unions and trade associations by exempting them from the proposed regulations.

Continued Mat Staver: “We would be restricted in promoting conservative values, such as protecting our constitutional rights against these very kind of Executive Branch infringements.

“We would even be prohibited from criticizing the federal bureaucracy. If this new set of regulations goes into effect, Liberty Counsel Action – all conservative 501(c)(4)s for that matter – will be forbidden to ‘oppose’ or ‘support’ anything in the political arena and we’ll be prohibited from conducting our ‘get-out-the vote’ campaigns or issuing our popular voter guides.

“Further,” continue Staver, “individual employees of conservative groups will be banned from speaking or messaging on incumbents, legislation, and/or voting records – or speaking on the nominations of judges or political nominees being considered by the Senate. This also includes taking on state and local politicians.”

“These are the same tactics used by the Obama administration to illegally target conservative 501(c)(4) organizations during the last two election cycles, only now the strategy has been greatly intensified and formalized.

“You may recall that former President Richard Nixon was famously forced to resign for improperly using Executive Branch assets for political purposes.

“Rather than preparing a solid defense to confront these serious allegations, a brazen Barack Obama has chosen instead to reconfigure his illegal tactics into a set of ‘regulations’ on nonprofits, opening the door for an IRS crackdown on select organizations,” Staver concluded.

Indeed, once caught abusing his executive authority to target the very U.S. citizens he’s sworn to serve, even a nominally honorable man would immediately reverse course, resign and accept the consequences of his illegal actions.

But we’re not talking about an honorable man.

We’re talking about Barack Hussein Obama.

Freedom-loving Americans are asked to file a public comment in opposition to this proposed IRS regulation at Regulations.gov. All comments are due by Feb. 27, 2014.

Also, please sign this petition to the Senate Committee on Finance, Taxation and IRS Oversight to ensure that all 501(c)(4) organizations formed to promote conservative values will be treated fairly by the IRS.

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2 thoughts on “Obama Moves to Weaponize IRS

  1. When I first discovered Mark Koernke, and now Henry Shively I said to myself ” That’s what I’ve been harping on and what I believe right there!”. I’m now pretty well convinced that we we’re not going to turn things around in some kind of peaceful info war. At best an information offencive will expose all the criminals to such a point where they will just going to laugh at us all and say “Ok. so now you figured it all out. What are you going to do about it?” followed by a bunch of threats against us on things that scare them and think it will scare us too. The time eventually comes when you have to get out the proverbial toilet plunger and unplug the drain. It is a messy job often times, but it is essential task that has to get done, or bad things will follow, like mass arrests, internment camps, and genecide. It is the same here. They know we know about what all they’ve been up to and are gearing up for a war with the population. “Oh my GOD! They are going to kill us if we don’t do as we are ordered!”. Love what Mark always says. “Stuff it clowny!”. What can we expect from a bunch of Psychopaths? Eventually we are going to have to start cleaning up this problem. Yes. They are pretty well armed with stuff provided by the lowest bidder, and they probably will murder many people before enough of us get up off our lazy butts and start repelling borders and go hunt down all these creeps and send them straight to hell.

    Funny thing also on the path to liberty is this thing called personal responsibility. ALL the socialist programs will be gone but in return is a land of opportunity with no more directly apportioned taxes, and a government we will have in a cage in chains with 100 million guns to their head with fingers poised on the triggers if they so much as twitch. We’re going to clean out all those communists. Military will be severly limited to Air Force and Navy and very limited reserve army. No more professional soldiers. Militia will be the balance of power in the people’s favor with all the cool gear, and not the government ever again.

    I know this is a wish list. First step in moving things in that direction is put that vision firmly in your mind and start WORKING toward it. IRS is only a threat to us if we let it. They start loosing people they probably will escalate things with other agencies of foreign powers and a full blown civil war will be on. We need to get past the fear of that. That is a given. Question now for all of us arm chair quarter backs (self included) is to do something. Small group in a town of 30,000 can do one hell of a lot of hell razing in council chambers. Imagine a fully armed and Militia unit walks into the council chambers to attend a council meeting. They’ve secured the guarding Corporate Keystone Cops that may have tried to make a fuss about armed sovereign inhabitants entering a public building, but decided not to push their fortunes. These creatures are cowards as well as their enforcers. They may try to get back at you after this so be ready for that. Main thing is to start in your town and start moving and shaking. All the gun or tax laws passed at Federal, state, level don’t mean squat if they are nullified by a defiant and controlled city council or county board of supervisors and Sheriff who knows the penalty of treason.

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