Obama speaks on Paris Attack – ‘We will ‘bring these terrorists to justice’

Published on Nov 13, 2015 by RT America

US President Barack Obama said America will do what it can to bring the “terrorists to justice” while addressing the press from Washington DC, Friday, in light of the violent attacks that rocked Paris earlier in the day.

20 thoughts on “Obama speaks on Paris Attack – ‘We will ‘bring these terrorists to justice’

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Barry Sotoro (CIA Bitch Name – Obama): “….. blah, blah, blah,… we will bring these terrorists to justice…”

    Rest Of The World: Gasp!,.. choke!,… laughing uncontrollably,….. “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!,… You stupid douch-bag!!!,.. YOU,.. and your jew-masters ARE the terrorists!!!!,.. what are you going to do,.. arrest yourself!???” (audience laughing wildly!!,….)

    JD – US Marines – Barry Sotoro stopping terrorism??!!!,… he is not smart enough to blow his own nose even with quarter-stick of dynamite shoved up his ass,… so how is he going to arrest his jew paymasters??


    1. My thoughts exactly!

      This is just Barry using this as an excuse to pump up support for the UN and the elite’s integration for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

      Our foreign government in occupation no longer talks about WE as a country, but only WE as a world whenever they talk about any issue no matter how big or how small. It’s to indoctrinate their Globalism propaganda into everyone.

  2. Who the F’ing hell is “WE” asshole? This is a FRENCH problem not an AMERICAN problem!

    This is REALLY fishy folks! Something is WRONG here!

  3. The MSM: “And now for the Monkey King’s response…….”

    We the people: “ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………”

  4. The US government and its Europuppets will continue to do what they’ve been doing for years now while expecting different results. The “War on Terror” has been the most successful recruiting campaign for terrorism ever conceived. Obviously Israel benefits from US attacks on Muslim countries, and the MIC makes tons of money from the protracted conflict. The biggest losers, in addition to foreign Muslims, are liberty-seeking Americans.

  5. I think it’s safe to say we expect a similar situation here in the states. All the pawns are being moved into place for another event (911?). These bastards are so predictable anymore. Just stay vigilant. You can bet something is on the horizon.

  6. Well I guess we are all global citizens right? We need to be concerned and should be responsible about what goes on in France. Put boots on the ground Mr. President of the district of columbia. More bullshit.

  7. Remember these people practice dark occult sorcery and magick. While you are focused on this incident. There is something more sinister and evil going on that they are accomplishing.
    It’s called slight of hand. Pay attention to the perimeter. There’s something bigger going on somewhere else. This is a diversion tactic.
    Barry is just reading the joo teleprompter.
    FK U Barry ! Who in the hell is” We” ? Barry..
    FK off and die!

  8. Barry’s speech is reminiscent of the speech that W. Bush gave while standing in the ruins of the Twin Towers in NYC after 911. The speech was probably written by the same author that did W’s. Hubris BS.

  9. Really? Since he was so successful at bringing Eric Holder to justice, I guess he’ll do the same fine job here.

    Lying sack of shite is hiding from his own noose and he’s talking about bringing someone else to justice? Don’t make me puke.

    And yes… didn’t he single-handedly take our Obama Bin Laden, and wipe out Al Qaeda for us too? (after he decided to stop funding them)

    I can’t wait to see this piece of shite swinging from a tree. Please don’t hang him until I get there.

  10. Out of the chaos, they will bring a new world order.
    Just more fear porn. In a Book somewhere it says
    to tarry not(don’t worry) live todays day as its your
    first and last. no worries. These demoniacs steal
    the good energy of life and love and happiness with
    this fear porn. DON’T LET THEM.

  11. This is all BS. I’m sick to my stomach watching this re-wrapped crap. Our local news with their blue and red background calling it terror in Paris. Be afraid! Question is…. What’s to follow? They are rolling out this production for a reason.

  12. Well I agree with all of the comments. He’s lower than dog shit. However I want to bring something up that goes to the possibility of clones. I’ve been looking at this for some time now. Some of the Obama/Abomination/etc. videos show his left top ear as being clearly rounded as others as being being distinctly pointed! It’s not even questionable.I’m throwing that out there. See for yourself! The end result that this system always wishes to produce is cognizant dissonance so that you will be somewhat or so confused that when you are under the threat of death will not be aware enough to kill them first! If they/it can murder your righteous ideologies first, without you realizing the insidious incursion upon your life and your children’s lives, then you won’t stand guard to protect either. And that is what this enemy does and how it operates to murder all. Words are cheap and shouldn’t be taken lightly. And, so is the right to life. Protect it, defend it, and eradicate any and all who speak, act, and or promote otherwise. Period. Doug

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