Obama’s Brain Initiative Being Implemented on Soldiers, Soon Anyone With Memories of Trauma Will Be Silenced

David Shurter

Obama’s “brain initiative” is an incredibly scary project. Basically giving trauma survivors a high tech lobotomy with lasers, it effectively “erases” the memories- and such techniques are being used on soldiers now who are coming back from war zones with PTSD. Claiming that they can control mental health- they have been diligently trying to control the person who experiences trauma instead of eradicating the cause, this is a way to silence survivors and is basically an attack on the mental health of American citizens.  

One of the biggest issues I see with this is that memories are not only stored in the brain but also in the body. Touch, smell, and sound often trigger the traumatized person and without the ability to understand what the initial trauma was- disallows the person from understanding what is happening. This technique renders the survivors to be completely unable to process these triggers- and leaves the person vulnerable to overwhelming emotions without the ability to understand them. Nothing more than another level of mind control- the American government has found a new way to silence survivors.

Claims that this project has never been tested on humans but only mice have come out- but Obama has countered these arguments by suggesting that the MKUltra project has proved effective on human beings- and since parents willingly subjected their children to this experiment- that it was completely legal. This argument PROVES the existence of MKUltra- and that it was conducted on unwilling children. Obama’s “Brain Initiative” is just another level of mind control being acted out by our government- and even though these experiments were historically done in secret- Obama claims that what they did and are doing was/is completely legal. Of course the ethics of the whole program could be argued- but it is obvious that this is of no concern for our leaders.

This whole thing has become a war on the Mental Health field. If implemented on a larger scale- those who suffer from trauma will be unable to talk about their experiences and thus the abusers will have all the power. Those who suffer child abuse will simply be given a lobotomy with lasers- and instead of investigating and stopping the trauma- the victims will simply be silenced. Eventually- no one will talk about abuse, scared that their revelations will cause them to be scientifically altered in a way that renders them silent and complicit. Whistle blowers will cease to come forward- allowing our government and perpetrators of abuse to go free and have absolutely no consequences.

Our world- and it’s leaders- have become increasingly more aggressive- and this whole “brain initiative” is a good example of this. There has been a group who will go on the internet and do their best to discredit the whole MKUltra project- but now with this program being used to justify what is NOW happening to soldiers who are coming back from the war front- this argument has been rendered invalid. Just as our government went public claiming that we DON’T TORTURE PEOPLE, until it was proven that we were and are- at which point those same leaders came forward saying they would gladly do it again- they have proven over and over that they will lie at their own discretion and feel no obligation to tell the truth to the people which they are suppose to protect. With this being said- one wonders if this new “brain initiative” is just another example of the control our leaders are trying to assert over the public masses. Forced to make the decision of whether to talk about past abuses and end up being lobotomized with lasers or keeping quiet and silently enduring the effects of the trauma- it stands to reason that this will effectively silence those who could help expose the transgressions of our government and any other abuser who would inflict pain on people. Anyone can see what a slippery slope this all is- and what the results will be of such a program.

It is my opinion that the people are going to have to take a stand and take back our government from the sociopaths that are running it now. Until we do- things are just going to get worse for the people in the world. Obama’s “Brain Initiative” is a good example of why this needs to happen sooner than not!


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