Obama’s SOTU – Doin’ the American Hustle!!!

The National Patriot – by Craig Andersen

Obama was the star of his own show and a legend in his own mind.

Last night’s State of Dismay speech clearly put a fine point on THAT bit of narcissism wrapped in union, butt-kissing flattery.

With nods to manufacturing, education and job training, Obama laid out yet another agenda to keep that tingle running up the union leg.  

He announced that, with a stroke of his mighty pen, he has increased SOME federal contract worker’s minimum wages to $10.10 per hour.


Do you have ANY idea how many people will benefit from THAT???

In a world where the government contracts out more than $700 MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS for a website that doesn’t work…Neither do I but…If can get me the line item on the number of illegals “hired” to replace the toilet paper in the little nerds room…WE’LL BOTH KNOW!!!

He announced, with arrogance, that under his guidance the economy is getting better.

If by “better” he meant at a stagnant growth rate of 2.2%…

Naturally, the applause from the left side of my SOTU surround sound speakers was…


Applauding 2.2% as a growing economy is akin to giving a gold medal to whoever comes in last during the upcoming  4 man Olympics bobsled run.

The truth of the economy is that it sucks and it’s not getting any better.

Unemployment down to 6.7%???

Apparently, those who have waved the white flag of job-seeking surrender, don’t count for much in an Obama book-cooking administration.

That’s why job TRAINING was a bigger deal than job CREATION last night. Obama would much rather have the UNDER employed lurking in the dusty shelves of the senate where all Republican jobs related bills go to die, than GAINFULLY and FULLY employed people not reliant upon receiving an allowance from Uncle Sugar.

After all…How can the liberals and socialists buy the votes they so desperately need if those folks are able to provide for themselves?

Let’s all remember…Obama is a man with a pen, after all.

That’s the problem isn’t it?

Rather than a pen…he needs a PLAN.

Unfortunately, the Dictator made it clear that his PLAN, is to use his PEN.

He showed no more evidence regarding acceptance of ANY republican plan that would lower taxes, ease regulations, or, in any other way, stimulate the PRIVATE sector to GROW, than he ever has before.

When he stands there, THREATENING congress, specifically Republicans and Conservatives, that should they NOT bend over and take his agenda where the sun don’t shine, he will wield his pen…Obama obviously has no intention of entertaining any idea to embolden rather than entitle the people.

For the Dictator, it’s a rubber stamp or we all get the pen.

The pen, by the way, and much to Obama’s dismay, affects ONLY federal employees but, that would not stop his regime from propagandizing it against congress and, that was evident last night as well.

Blame congress…Blame and blame and blame…CONGRESS is the problem and THAT is what he is DESPERATE for you to believe. Those evil Conservatives…Standing in the way of socialism.

Oh…He tried to put lipstick on the Obamacare pig but those being damaged by it, ain’t buying it.

In fact…almost NOBODY is buying it…Obamacare that is. Far, FAR too many of the old and infirm are signing up for Medicaid…a drain on the stagnant economy and tax revenue while far, FAR too FEW of the young and HEALTHY are signing up for socialism.

It’s working? People who have never had insurance before are finally GETTING health insurance???

So far…only 11% of the, whatever the number was, 40 million uninsured, have signed up and, as OBAMA forgot to mention it, I WILL…VIRTUALLY NONE OF THEM HAVE ACTUALLY PAID FOR THEIR LITTLE SLICE OF OBAMACARE HEAVEN.

He also forgot to mention how Aetna is talking about the impending collapse OF Obamacare spelling disaster and bankruptcy for insurance carriers and their own possible pull-out FROM Obamacare.

And the coming bailout of the insurance industry???

One wonders why Man with the Pen didn’t mention THAT?

Or the Moody’s DOWNGRADE of the insurance companies. Why, oh WHY didn’t the Dictator mention THAT???

To Obama, last night, it was once again, all about 2 things.

More and more…GOVERNMENT and, income inequality.

Obama can call it whatever he wants to, try to rebrand the message to disguise the intent but, it’s just more shoe polish on the same old turd.

The role of government is NOT to make people’s bank accounts EQUAL but, alas, Obama doesn’t see this nation as a Constitutional Republic who’s GOVERNMENT is elected BY THE PEOPLE to PROTECT everybody’s equal OPPORTUNITIES.


The DICTATOR believes that GOVERNMENT should MANDATE equality across the board if congress won’t vote for it.

There’s that damn pen again.

Socialism just doesn’t allow for people IMPROVING their station in life…

It mandates that those at the TOP be brought DOWN to the bottom rung and viola…EQUALITY.

The United States didn’t become the greatest, most powerful and richest nation on earth by taxing the snot out of those who had become successful and regulating businesses OUT of business…

Nor did it become what is used to be (see above) by spending like drunken sailors on government subsidized hookers who just take the cash and run.

Speaking of hookers running…

Obama somehow failed to mention how those elected  prostitutes from his own party are not wanting HIM to pimp for THEM any more…did he?

Liberal/socialist Members of the senate and the house, whose seats are on the edge of the cliff in the 2014 midterms, are running away from Obama like Heidi Fleiss runs away from any law enforcement agency with an acronym.

Primarily, it’s because of Obamacare, a socialistic disease, but, in part, because of the rampant spending that can only be offset by higher and higher taxes.

The liberal/socialist members of congress up for election this year aren’t the only ones hiding under their desks either. So too are Democrat voters according to Obama’s latest poll numbers.

Why else do you think the illegal alien from the oval office was calling…Again…for Immigration Reform?

He needs fresh voters who haven’t been burned yet and, cemeteries just aren’t carrying the liberal water the way they used to.

While last night’s State of the Pen address wasn’t as top heavy with new ways to spend your tax dollars as was last year’s (42 new initiatives in 2013) it sure wasn’t about cutting back until what’s going out isn’t as much as what’s coming in either and, every initiative blathered about to left-handed applause, IS SPENDING and NOT an INVESTMENT.

And finally, let me mention his State of Being a Foreign Laughingstock  portion of last night’s festival of lies.

Iran is NOT going to cut back on their nuke program…Israel is NOT safer now…Iraq HAS gone to hell in a handbag and Afghanistan is well on their way but, thanks again for telling our enemies when we’re leaving so they can make their Taliban plans for turning Buttcrackistan into terrorism central.

That was SO helpful.

Global warming, regardless of what he said, is as real as his birth certificate…Assad is laughing his ass off at Obama and John Kerry is an idiot who couldn’t diplomatically break out of a wet paper sack.

Well, there you have it, my complete “review” of the 2014 State of the Union speech and, to think, it’s only 2:00pm on Tuesday afternoon right now.

I promise, if the Dictator says he’s gonna resign, admits to treason in Benghazi and/or calls for the full repeal of Obamacare…I’ll add an update to the bottom of this article but…

Thank goodness Obama didn’t crow about bringing Dinesh D’Souza to justice for making another movie he didn’t like. I don’t expect any more action to free Dinesh however, than he’s engaged in to free Bowe Bergdahl…Doctor Afridi…Pastor Saeed or Kenneth Bae.

At least he didn’t MENTION any plans to get those people out of the various hells they’re in during the speech last night…

Did he???


One thought on “Obama’s SOTU – Doin’ the American Hustle!!!

  1. That getting the job done and the use of the pen sends a message that should be exposed. What he is saying is I have no hope for the Democratic party in 2014, the Repubs will over run us so…..since I won’t be able to get anything done I will use the pen. I will do it myself or my way. Sneaky.

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