Obama’s Tyranny Brings Call For Revolution

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

This just released video report from Western Journalism shares news of a growing call for Revolution going up around America in response to the tyranny brought upon our land by Barack Obama. With even Congressional leaders now clamoring for a mere peek at the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, the Obama administration is ‘playing hide and seek’ with it while the heads of 600 mega corporations have NOT ONLY seen the agreement but appear to be writing it, to the detriment of the rest of humanity.


4 thoughts on “Obama’s Tyranny Brings Call For Revolution

  1. Anyone thinking that these traitors are going to go peacefully into the night is totally insane! Peaceful revolution is even funny to hear and I’m sure the PTB are counting on the sheep to do just that,NOTHING THAT MATTERS!

  2. Ok, all you info throwers, who’s going to be the hero & organize those that will, we’ll say, “join hands, march & sing like the Germans?” I’ve been suggesting ya’ll expose the Evilists involved, the politicians taking the graft, stop shopping at any of their business & that includes the 4 major banks, all of Krogers Groceries, Starbucks, Lowes: etc…Are you getting my drift yet???!!! The same people controlling the world are the same ones that have been stealing from the world for hundreds & actually thousands of years. Their one simple goal is to reverse the cycle & turn the Persecuted into the Persecutors. Why do you think all that don’t believe their way are called Goyim??? The time is ticking in their favor, who has the path to regain our Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth??????

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