Occupy Wall Street and End the Fed Protests, The Elite are Beginning to Sweat

As the protests continue to grow across the United States, the fears of the Ron Paul platform and its inevitability continue to grow right in step.  Every gluttonous pig with a head in the trough is making the case to justify his or her further existence.

CNN, the Communist News Network, has been broadcasting pieces designed to portray the banks and bankers as misunderstood, saying we should support the bankers because we need them to keep our economy going.  The question is, going where?

We will need banks when we begin rebuilding our country after the revolution.  But these banks will be a horse of a different color.  They will be American businesses ran by American citizens and they will contain American currency, backed by real wealth in the form of precious metals and commodities.

I believe the military is putting forth the most pathetic example of self serving propaganda to date, showing wives and mothers crying at funerals and bringing forth their loyal minions within the service to say we have to finish the job.  In other words, ten years in Afghanistan is not long enough.

Well I’ve got news for you.  No amount of time or expenditure of life and wealth will ever be enough for the industrial war complex.  That is why 9/11 was orchestrated, to precipitate a war against an “ism” which cannot be clearly identified, as terror is an action and not a being.

The war mongers are saying they are now trying to identify what a win in Afghanistan would look like.  Can they really believe we are stupid enough not to understand what a real war is, how it is fought and how it is won?  It has indeed been a long time since a war involving the United States has been fought and won.

I guess it is like everything else.  At the end of Korea, the industrial war complex had found a system that worked, a system wherein wars are fought at the cost of trillions of dollars and after the checks are cashed, everyone just goes on to the next war.  How many generations has it been without our country knowing peace?  Is it the destiny of our people for a portion of each generation to be fed into the meat grinder for profit?

I was born in 1961, the Viet Nam era.  Two of my brothers fought in that war to fatten the wallets of the corporate elite.  Since then we have seen Granada, which really wasn’t much to speak of, though I’m sure the money was made.  Then there was Desert Storm, George Bush I’s war and the Bush family profited immensely.  Then we had Clinton’s little war in Kosovo, profit, profit, profit.  This one was followed by George Bush II’s Desert Dust II, the remake.  And of course Afghanistan; Friday will mark the 10th anniversary of this opium war.  Not to be outdone, our Nobel Peace Prize winning, first black president extraordinaire, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat has his own little war in Libya, which he is trying to expand throughout the Middle East.

And Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

Since our acquisition of the atomic bomb, every war has been unnecessary.  We have in our possession a nuclear arsenal that cost us $5.5 trillion to build during the cold war.  Any true affront to our security could be eliminated without exception within an hour.  That would be the beginning, the middle, and the absolute end of the war.

We must get Dr. Paul into office and end the era of blood for profit once and for all.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Finish what job?The job of death,destruction,economic ruin,genocide and victory for the Rothschild bankers?It’s too bad that job was ever started back during the Napoleonic wars and its too bad Napoleon didn’t win.Let’s start the job of bringing troops home to fight our own struggle for freedom and stop dying for slavery in the Middle East.Our own slavery,at that.I appreciate the sacrifice of soldiers at war but in the words of Sam Levinson,”Just because you die for something,it doesn’t mean it was right.”

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