Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the Fed, and the Grassroots Tea Party – United

The worm has turned and the movement is uniting from every angle.  The true grassroots Tea Party, the true grassroots Occupy Wall Street movement, and the true Occupy the Fed movement are merging to become a freedom, liberation army for the reinstitution of the Republic under the Constitution.  The international elitists see our army forming and their fear and desperation is becoming more evident by the day.

The mainstream propagandists have come to the point that they are visibly angered and shaken by their failure to manipulate we the American people of the American race.  The propagandists are now striking out as the inconceivable uprising becomes reality.

Charles Payne of FOX Business, interviewing one of the Wall Street protesters, became rude and nasty to the extreme, saying the protesters attacked police when they should have been mourning the death of Apple’s Steve Jobs.

I’ll tell you what, Charles Payne, you pathetic fat ass puke, we the people know that Apple Inc. is a part of the corporate elite.  It supports our enslavement and is a noted eugenicist organization.  When we the people take this country back you and Apple are going to know what true mourning is.

At one point in the interview, Tracy Byrnes chimed in.  You could see the hate in her face as she spit her venom.  It is all coming apart and the elite know it.

If you look at the interview with Herman Cain, where he too was spitting venom at the undeniable majority of the voters he has been pretending to court, saying “Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks, if you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself. It is not someone’s fault if they succeeded, it is someone’s fault if they failed,” you can clearly see that our enemies are losing control.

Yes, Herman, it must be our fault.  Everyone knows it was we the people that created the Federal Reserve.  Of course it was we the people that created the fraudulent derivatives that caused the bankruptcy of our country.  And again, it was we the people, through a national referendum and a majority vote, who borrowed trillions of dollars in the names of our grandchildren to give to the international banks around the world.  And it is we the people who are down on Wall Street, laundering the money and sending it to offshore bank accounts in our names.

No Herman, we know who you are and we know what you are and as for your chances of being President of these United States, does the term, “Snowball in Hell”, ring any bells?

For the record, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat is not going to be allowed to latch onto any patriotic movement and declare that the people marching are pushing for his social communistic agenda.  The Rat’s attempt to associate himself with our movement is an insult.  We are not going to tax the stolen wealth of the rich.  We are going to arrest the rich and retrieve our wealth, every damn dollar of it.  If we have to we will water board them until they reveal their hiding places.

As for Barry, the fact that he has not been impeached and charged with insurrection is evidence of the level of the corruption that we have fallen into.

Alex Jones came out on his program yesterday declaring that the majority of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are our fellow patriots and that we should back them absolutely.  You know what Alex, I’m glad you did.  But if you ever want to make your fantasy of going down in history as a patriot extraordinaire a reality, you are going to have to learn to say those three magic words: “I was wrong”.

That being said, I say to those participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests, stay on point, there are plenty of us to go after Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, and one is just as guilty as the other.  The Federal Reserve created the mechanism for the theft, Wall Street perpetrated the theft.  Both are equally guilty as both have grown fat from our stolen wealth.

As for those who are now confronting the communists seeking to infiltrate the movement, remember at the upper levels the neo-cons and communists are the same people.  They are our enemy absolute.  But on the street those advocating communism must be considered ignorant and naïve.  Before we condemn them to the deportation barges we must give them a chance to understand our Constitution and reject it as a conscious and informed act.  If they will not listen, or if they reject freedom, liberty, equality, and prosperity for all as individuals, then on the barge they go.  You must let them know that we do not have a whole lot of time to be fooling around with them, so they better get themselves educated and get on the right side of the fence.

And as for those walking the fence, I tell you, you are facing the greatest peril because you are going to be catching the lead coming from both sides.

Let all be advised.  We the American people of the American race are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution and we are going to elect Ron Paul as our first legitimate president since the international corporate mafia murdered John F. Kennedy.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the Fed, and the Grassroots Tea Party – United

  1. Henry,

    There is a very simple, almost childlike question regarding the stock markets that I have never heard addressed:

    When someone puts, let’s say. $100,000.00 into a stock and that stock devalues to…oh, let’s imagine $50,000.00….where does the other 50K go? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t just go to money heaven or to the north pole so Santa Clause can use it for Christmas presents but to be totally honest (a weakness of mine) I really don’t know the answer.

    If I buy a car for 20k cash, drive it off the lot, keep it two months and then am forced by unexpected circumstances to sell it for….what….15K maybe?…it is clear where the other 5k plus the sales tax, and doc fees went. Everybody on the list wins except me….so what’s new?

    Not so clear when the money is invested in stock. The public is not taught how the stock market operates….Ya think there might be a reason for that? I have asked that question of people who invest in it and never gotten a clear answer. Just a silly question here from a dumb working slob posed for the sake of discussion.

    1. Brian,
      Say you want to suck a billion dollars of stimulus money from the US into the machine and have it end up in your private bank account in New Zealand. First you invest the money in your US based company, say Caterpillar USA. Then the next day you start selling it off to your Chinese partner and the price of the stock starts dropping, hence the value of the company. Your partner in China then invests the money in a Chinese company of which you are part owner. That stock starts to go up at the same rate your Caterpillar stock is going down, hence its value is increasing. And viola, the billion in stimulus, hence the value, is moved from the US company to the Chinese company, which you also own through your partner in China. The increase value in China is not taxed by the Chinese government because they are happy just to steal our industry. Now you ship the money back the other way through the Chinese stock market and because you are using Chinese dollars that are artificially inflated, you clear one billion in profit through the exchange in the Chinese market, said one billion is then sent untaxed to your account in New Zealand. And just like that you have one billion in stimulus money put your private overseas account.
      Of course for the period of the loss in value of the Caterpillar stock, the average joe sells his or her stock off at the last minute because he or she simply cannot afford to do otherwise, or the thief taking care of his or her retirement account portfolio does so as a prudent management measure.
      When the stock is brought back up through a further infusion of stimulus monies by the banksters, the rich man’s stock, which in reality was never sold as the oversea’s partner in China was holding it, goes back up as he buys it back from his partner with zero interest dollars from the banksters.
      And not only does the corporate elitist get to keep the billion, but he or she gets to write off a billion dollar loss on his or her US taxes, which is promptly replaced by the US government in the form of our raw resources, hence more stimulus.
      I hope this clear things up for you.

      1. Another example-

        Warren Buffett loaned Bank of America $5 billion dollars recently, when and if BofA goes broke, Warren will get all of his money back first because he bought preferred stock, with interest. The little guy, with regular stock, will get the shaft. Meaning, he will be last in line.

      2. But…but…what about the cherry tree story? That sounds dishonest to me….and they wouldn’t do anything like that….would they?

        No wonder there were no courses in finance in high school!

        Ya know, Henry….what you describe is so devious that I actually find it hard to understand. A wealthy long time (tight wad cheapskate money grubbing miserly) acquaintance of mine once said to me: “Brian, the trouble with you is you have no larceny in your soul”

        Does that make me eligible for extermination by poverty? Guess so.

        Seems John Lennon hit it pretty square with “There’s room at the top they are telling you still….But first you must learn to smile as you kill”.

        These people are pure evil.

        Thanks, Henry…interesting.

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