0 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Protests in NYC

  1. Facebook is filtering all post about this. When you try and tell your friends about it, it only comes back to you. Facebook is now “the social propaganda book” according to many users. Facebook sucks.

    1. I’ve typed this website on Facebook AND Alex Jones’s InfoWars, to recomend it to my friends, and in the InfoWars comment section, and within 5 minutes it was fucking DELETED !! Facebook, I was kinda expecting it, but InfoWars……..Alex, you’re a fucking phony !!

  2. Just saw coverage on the local news. Looks like people actually showed up for this one. All the others have been a bust. Wish I had known about it. Heard they plan to be there every day this week. Planning to hike down there myself.

    1. Angel,
      If you haven’t left yet and if you are able, make yourself a big sign that says “Join the Revolution at From the Trenches World Report.com.”
      These people seem to be on the right track. It would be nice to give them any education they lack.
      Just a thought. Make sure the police don’t “protect and serve” you.
      Good luck.

        1. It would be cool, but do be safe.
          I hear Pampers are coming out with a new diaper for adult protesters so you don’t wet yourself when they taze you. Just a little joke but do be cautious.
          At the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999 the government sent in their own anarchists. They came in, tipped over some garbage cans, broke some windows, then went back to the accommodations our government had provided for them. After which the police attacked and brutalized not only the peaceful protesters, but people walking down the street and even the press.
          If the government decides to escalate the situation in NY they may very well use this tactic. If you see anyone wearing masks start to tear things up, get out of there fast.

          1. Thanks, Henry. LOL. As a member of the IBBC (Itty Bitty Bladder Committee) the Pampers would be useful. On a serious note, I do believe they will do something. Already shoving reporters and a dozen arrests since Saturday. Did you get the article I tried to “share” with you?

          2. I did not and it would appear the government anarchists are already there and ready to do their dirty work.
            Watch the new video I just put up.

  3. There were five arrests today (that I know of). The guys were wearing bandanas (cowboy/robber style) and a woman was writing on the sidewalk in chalk. Since when is it illegal to write on the sidewalk in chalk? Artists have drawing huge, elaborate pieces on the sidewalks for YEARS and little children do it all the time as play. This will be interesting.

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