Ohio woman charged in theft of $2.87 from fountain

She “stole” $2.87 from a PUBLIC fountain to feed herself and she is arrested. Mitch Mcconnell just stole 2-3 billion dollars by his vote last night and he is still free?

Something is wrong with this country.

ABC News

A western Ohio woman charged with petty theft for allegedly stealing $2.87 from a courthouse fountain says she is jobless and took the change to buy food.  

WBNS-TV in Columbus ( http://bit.ly/H5izgu ) reports the woman pleaded not guilty Wednesday. A police report alleges she stole the change Oct. 7 from the Logan County Courthouse fountain in Bellefontaine, and an officer asked her what she was doing and found change in her pocket.

The woman says she worries she’ll end up in jail for taking money that she says didn’t belong to anyone. She says she has no job, is on the verge of losing her apartment and was trying to feed herself and her four cats.

The city’s safety director says officials hope to resolve the case before the November trial.


Information from: WBNS-TV, http://www.10tv.com/


7 thoughts on “Ohio woman charged in theft of $2.87 from fountain

  1. So she is being charged with theft for picking up something that someone else threw away.
    Seems like the universal rule of “Finders Keepers” would apply here.
    Next they will be charging people with theft for picking beer cans up from the side of the road.

  2. I wonder if some busy body didn`t have some mean streak that day and called the cops and complained. 🙁 🙁

    1. I’ll bet your right digger. Some Nancy Noodlehead call the cops and you know when the cops show up they have to charge somebody with something, even if the charge makes absolutely no sense at all.

  3. Let’s see-Donald Rumsfeld announced they couldn’t account for 2.3 TRILLION dollars at the Pentagon on 9/10/01, and I believe he’s still walking free.

  4. She didn’t steal a thing. This is how low and stupid our Politicians have become.
    For 287 they’ll do a 187.

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