Oil Barons Gouging the American People Again

The national average price for a gallon of gasoline has risen to $3.67 per gallon from $3.38 per gallon just one month ago, and like every time the oil barons decide to gouge us there are 101 excuses as to why.  When the gouging first began in the 1970s, we were told that we were being robbed as a result of supply and demand.

OPEC was created in 1960.  Its express purpose is to control the amount of oil available on the world market.  Then by the 70s, the big push in the United States was for us to become a part of the world economy and the world market.

When we talk about supply and demand, the term supply must be considered a misnomer as the word does not relate to the amount available, but rather the amount artificially allowed to be available.  This has been a scam since day one.

None the less, now that we in the US have dropped our demand, essentially because we can no longer afford to buy as much gas, the excuse being given for the run up in price this time is, one, tension in the Middle East being caused by our so called government that says it is acting in our best interests, and two, a reduction in refinery capability with the shutdown in refineries, in spite of the fact that there is a glut of crude on the market.  And don’t forget this latest refinery fire in California, which is being blamed for prices rising as I write this article.

The fact is the gas is being refined as it is always at the service station ready to be put in my car at the jacked up price.  So does it cost more to refine gas at one refinery when another shuts down?  This is a scam and a fraud.

And to top it all off, while claiming that it is lack of refining capability, the propagandists are pushing for more domestic production, hence more raw crude to be refined, as the answer to lowering prices that have gone up because of a lack of refining capability.  Do they really think we are this damn stupid?

What this comes down to is international control of our natural resources and monopolies.  Just like De Beers holds warehouses full of diamonds, intentionally kept off the market in order to keep the price of diamonds up.  You see, if we had unfettered access to the oil in the Middle East, free of the monopoly of OPEC, hence free unfettered competition, oil prices would plunge.

Unlike De Beers and the diamonds, the oil barons do not hold the Iranian and Syrian oil.  So the only way they can keep it off the market, is through these phony wars and sanctions.  And, if that doesn’t work, how about burning down a refinery that will cost $100 million to replace causing a hike in gas prices that results in $3 billion in profits.  Think they wouldn’t do it?

We are seeing the push for the Keystone Pipeline and more domestic drilling and fracking as petroleum prices rise.  And if you do not support these activities, you are labeled as a tree hugger.  How about this?  We totally support Keystone and more domestic drilling and fracking on one condition.  All the products derived must, by law, be sold within the United States.  But then you see this isn’t going to happen as the plan is to make the United States the number one exporter of raw petroleum.  Our refineries will be moved to China, just like the rest of our industry and we will pay the world market price for the petroleum products derived from our raw crude.  The fact is, we already do.

Somebody please answer me this question.  When did we the people vote to surrender our national economy to become a part of the world economy?  If we were manufacturing our raw resources within our own sovereign borders to be sold to our people, well, that is what we used to have, you know, when we were prosperous.

If we want to take control of this situation, we must take back control of our raw resources, which are being stolen hand over fist.  This would force the return of our industry.  Then arrest the bankers and retrieve our stolen wealth and we will be back to prosperity.  The thing is, we have to do it because the thieves are not just going to stop stealing as there is no incentive to do so.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “Oil Barons Gouging the American People Again

  1. Amen, Henry. When I talk to people about the Keystone Pipeline, none of them realize that the oil is not for our use, it will be shipped overseas. Amazing.

    On a different note. Mitt Romney just introduced his running mate: “Please join me in welcoming the next PRESIDENT of the United States, Paul Ryan.” What a putz. Obama did the same thing in 2008. Geez. Please, Dr. Paul we Need you.

    1. Hi ya Angel-NYC People are not that stupid to elect that Paul Ryan and Romney at least I hope not anyway – those two realy are out of touch with reality.

      1. Did you hear Romney lie through his teeth and say that they were “not going to touch Social Security and Medicare”?!

  2. First I heard of us exporting oil – WTF. The frac sand co. from Tx. was paying the surrounding land owners in Menomonie Wi. to approve the co. just outside of town – if people accepted the payoff you were not allowed to say anything negative about the sand miners.. This was said on the local news and the Menomonie town meeting a few weeks ago.

    1. It’s going to China. As for “fracking,”my husband use to “frack’ for natural gas in TX. The chemicals they use are DEADLY. Also, it fractures the Earth’s bedrock (wonder why there have been so many reports of sink holes?). Plus, fracture the bedrock, and how do you keep it from contaminating ground water? Hense, water that you can ignite coming out of your faucet. (Seen it) Human’s can learn how to live without natural gas again, but we can’t live without drinking water. It is possible to “frack” without using deadly chemicals, but it must be tightly regulated. We all know how well that’s been working.

      1. I do think that I did hear about water igniting coming out of the faucet butI just thought it was just a joke. There has been court casses in Chippewa Co. Wi about air quality also. Sink holes are starting to happen only just starting though. There has been a lot of runoff into the rivers and streams I have heard about. thalk of fisk killers! not to mention our land! By the way how is your husbands health since frackin Angel. I see abolutely not one good thing about this except to line the pockets of the company owners and to exploit the workers and their health.

        1. Drilling Oil, Fracking + asbestos, fiber glass and chinese sheet rock (decades working in construction) have done nothing compared to his service in the Army. 🙁
          Keep an eye on the water quality in that well of yours.

  3. The shame of it is, those vast untapped oil deposits in the Midwest will never see the light of day.

    Oh, the irony of it.

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