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Oklahoma Police Kill Two, Investigation Complete

Cop Block – by Dustin McCaskill

Nearly three months later, the investigation into police murdering Chris and Stacey Stout has been completed.

Eight law enforcement agencies have turned over their reports for the D.A. to decide what should be done.  

In early April, Stacey Stout and her boyfriend Christopher Stout (no relation) were killed in a hail of gunfire while law enforcement served a burglary warrant on Christopher Stout.

Police say they were serving the warrant at a Motel 6 when Christopher Stout and Stacey Stout were leaving the motel. With eight law enforcement agencies involved.

Christopher Stout allegedly lead the officers on a short pursuit. Officers say they stopped the vehicle a short distance away from the Motel.

After the vehicle was stopped, seven law enforcement officers jumped out of their vehicle and opened fire on Chris and Stacey, riddling the vehicle with at least 75 bullet holes. Stacey Stout is not known to have a criminal record.

The couple was unarmed.

The officers involved were Deputy Marshal C. Stephens (USMS), Deputy Marshal T. Groom (USMS), Agent J. Leone OBNDD, Trooper D. Long OHP, Deputy Sheriff C. Pope (Pott. County), Deputy Sheriff E. Grimes (Canadian Co.) and Sgt. K. Johnson OCPD….

Oklahoma County District Attorney David W. Prater has the conclusion of the investigation on his desk and is currently making his decision on what should be done.


David Prater
Oklahoma County D.A.
Main Office Location:
320 Robert S. Kerr, Room 505
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone:(405) 713-1600


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9 Responses to Oklahoma Police Kill Two, Investigation Complete

  1. Angry Grandparent says:

    Can’t remember who once said if real justice cannot be found then rough justice is the last resort.

  2. Joe in NC says:

    America now knows who the criminal police are who were involved in this crime. Let true justice be served. 😉

  3. ken says:

    Don’t worry. We know how these killer cops are going to be punished..

    They’re going to get 4 weeks paid vacation.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    People are getting wise to the police brutality, so they might make an example of these cops to calm the public. (but I doubt it)

    See all the death threats made to the cops who killed the dog? People aren’t going to stand for this BS much longer, and it won’t stop until people shoot back.

  5. ROBERT says:

    THE same scenario was played out in CLEVELAND last year only that couple received 100 rounds instead of 75!

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Police say they were serving the warrant at a Motel 6 when Christopher Stout and Stacey Stout were leaving the motel. With eight law enforcement agencies involved.”

    WTH??? It took EIGHT different agencies to serve a freaking WARRANT???

    Was the damn thing carved on stone tablets, or what?

    My B.S. meter is redlining on this one.

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