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OMG! Cops Knock Girl’s Front Teeth Out

35505_431139780293925_2094683056_nBefore It’s News – by Leda Ohio 9

If this was your daughter.. How much hell would you raise?

Ella Mere Eketone (Facebook page) was doing exactly what she was told to do at a party last night in Howick that got out of hand.

She was leaving the property, like the Police told her to, and got pushed to the ground 3 times, her front teeth got knocked out and she spent the night in Middlemore Hospital with a drip in her arm.

What gives police the right to do this to an innocent teenage girl? Yes teenagers play up and get out of control at parties, we all know this but what gives the cops the right to enforce such violent actions upon someone that wasn’t doing anything wrong? Someone that was following instructions?

If her parents had f#@ked her up as badly as this, they’d be facing charges, but it’s fine for the police to do it? This is so f#@ked up.

What right do you think you have, Counties Manukau Police?

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50 Responses to OMG! Cops Knock Girl’s Front Teeth Out

  1. cybro says:

    Young women are as much out of control as the police are now days. I would like to see some video of what happened and unless she was flipping them off and spitting in their faces I’d say she just won a lawsuit Lotto. That county may as well start writing her a big check now and get it over with.

  2. Paraclete says:

    First of all, it doesn’t matter what the girl was doing, short of robbing a bank.
    Or engaged in an attempted murder of another human being.
    There is absolutely NO reason for this kind of brutality.
    Especially upon a female. If this girl was my daughter, there would be another Christopher Dorner at work where this happened.
    I would be riding the horse called death, with HELL following behind !
    They had better thank God, it wasn’t my daughter.

  3. Whizerd67 says:

    Good thing this wasn’t my daughter or anyone of my friends’ daughter or loved one…or that it was in my area period.
    Every single LEO and/or other enforcement agency officer would be hunted down. Period.
    As for “all the cops didn’t do this, just a select few”…I say to you “then why in the fk didn’t they arrest the law-breaking cop?”!

    ~Blessed Be to all~

    • diggerdan says:

      Yup Whizard67. If these cops that did this are not fired then I would have to think that this is what they expect of the cops to do. For or against – what side are these cops on and what kind of behavior are they supporting. Yep I agree 110% with ya Wizard67.

      • Whizerd67 says:

        Thanks dan…but you know, for wouldn’t have matter if they were suspended, fired or otherwise left in society….
        I don’t know if I’m alone in that or not, and could care less if I am really.
        Don’t want to, and am not trying to play judge or superman-behind-a-keyboard, and i’m certainly not trying to piss anyone off…but as I said, I could care less on the subject of my children and loved-ones.

        ~Blessed Be to all~

        • diggerdan says:

          Bad choice of words on my part Wizard67. I think I would have had to go hunting if that was my daughter. These cops should all be in prison that were involved in this. That would have been a assault /battery charge if it was anyone else.

          • Whizerd67 says:

            dan..I apologize if you thought I was going off on you or dissing you for anything. I get impassioned about this subject..and don’t back off sometimes.
            I understood your words fully, and thank you.
            And I can empathize with anyone that would wait till justice was served. But, in this day and age, thats like giving a vampire a free victim. Thats not going to remotely happen with any of my loved-ones if I can help it.
            I enjoy your perspective, as well as many others on this site. Thank you, again.

            Speaking of others..sorry to derail the subject, but…has anyone heard from Angel since the storm?
            I wish her well, regardless..but was just wondering…I noticed that I havent seen her since then. Maybe I missed her somehow…if I did, I apologize.

            ~Blessed Be to all~

          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            I talked to Angel for a couple of hours yesterday, Whizerd67. She’s doing fine.
            Also talked to NC, and JD for couple hours each.

          • diggerdan says:

            Aw Wizard67 we are good – not a problem with ya man , I didn`t even thiink or consider any bad attitudes like I think your mentioning – geez . That is the beauty of FTTWR, eh. I see that Angel has posted a couple of articles towards the top of page one here. I hope they are all safe and sound. Yea Wizard, I get alot like you when it comes to my freinds and bros. Like I say ” I get pretty damned protective of the Trenches and the posters here too.

          • Whizerd67 says:

            Good to hear about Angel. Saw the articles too after I posted that.
            Glad y’all talk to each other too.

            Might have to get with you guys someday.
            I’m not in a very good point in life to be doing that right now though.
            Struggling with past decisions that screwed me. Uphill battle, with little time to do much else.
            Will never give-up though.
            Keep up the good work here…and thank you..each and every one of you.
            Glad I can be part of it.

            ~Blessed Be to all~

  4. Raven Blackbane says:

    Do this to a cop and get 30 years making sex with Bubba.

  5. anne says:

    Never call the police. No matter what. They are not here to protect and serve anybody. They are revenue generating enforcement squads for the govt.

  6. Bullwinkle says:

    Are there any “Good” cops? I do not think so.
    I have a nephew who is a cop and I can no longer put any trust him.
    If there are any good cops, why aren’t they controlling the “Bad” cops?

    • Whizerd67 says:

      Because the ratio is probably 1000:1. But still….thats no excuse if you stay there and do nothing. I have to agree.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  7. desertspeaks says:

    all cops are criminals, be it the ones dispensing injustice/murdering innocent unarmed men/women/children or the one’s to who stand by and DO NOTHING while these animals ply their trade! those who “just stand by” are just as guilty if not more so for allowing it to happen and doing NOTHING to stop it!

    • Phil Durt says:

      Who controls the cops?
      Ans. The prosecutors and the judges.
      The cops get away with criminal behavior because the prosecutors refuse to prosecute and the judges do everything in their power to acquit or minimize the sentence.
      Jail for Judges is a concept which has gained momentum for several years. This is legislation that, when enacted within any specific jurisdiction, will create a review board outside the judiciary, with the authority to review judges actions or negligence with an eye to correcting denials of due process and sanctioning or otherwise punishing judges up to and including imprisonment.
      Until we take back our courts, there will be no justice.

      • Whizerd67 says:

        Ahhh yes…but who controls the judges and courts and politicians?

        If every single cop, politician, judge, etc were to IMMEDIATELY turn in their seats and vanquish their THIS moment….tptb will STILL be tptb.
        Until THAT is resolved……
        (although, if that happened, it would be a wonderful step in resolving that a little quicker*nod*)

        ~Blessed Be to all~

  8. Paul W of Stamford says:

    Cops are so revolting. So when will we?!

  9. Oh Lord says:

    This is why Chris Dorner is cheered on by many and is slowly dividing support for the police.

    • T. says:

      Unfortunately, Chris Dorner witnessed such behavior and was fired from his job for doing the right thing and speaking against it. It would be interesting to hear what he would have to say to a judge/jury. As we have seen, there is no intention of arresting Dorner in order to face trial. Obviously he will be assassinated, as such, so should this bully cop. No, I take that back. I don’t believe in killing, unless absolutely to save a life(s). In this case, the cop should be hog-tied, and this girl and her family should get 3 hours with baseball bats. That would put a stop to this ***t. But alas, it’s just wishfull thinking.

  10. NC says:

    If this is true, do we finally have permission to kill cops now?

    If the cops did this to my wife or a member of my family, then they’d better watch where they are walking at night because I would hunt them down and they might not see the light of day ever again and the only light they would see would be the light reflecting off of the barrel of my gun. Well, that’s not true. I’d probably slice them up a bit after I tie their ass to a chair. Can’t let them get off that quickly.

  11. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    One of these days soon, one of these @sswipes are going to do this to the wrong person’s daughter, or sister, or girlfriend.

    Then we’re going to see ‘smoked’ pork all over the street.

  12. jokez says:

    All i want for Christmas in my two front teeth…i’m sorry i had too… whatever cop did this is a f##king Pu$$y.take you badge and gun off and try that to a grown a$$ man.your mother must be proud

    • Whizerd67 says:

      Awwww…c’mon…give’em a fair chance and let them keep the gun.
      They’ll use 10 bullets to every 1 I place….and probably hit everyone BUT me….
      Ok..I see your point….*nod*

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  13. ladagosta says:

    I am sorry there is no rational that can excuse this sort of brutality by anyone let alone a police official. This gal can not weigh more than 100 pds soaking wet small framed and petite in stature what man can not handle a woman this size without inflicting this much damage is behind my comprehension completely. this is a hands down a win win for this gal…. i don’t need to see what led up to it!
    cosmetic surgery to repair the physical damage but nothing will repair the psychological damage she will carry throughout her lifetime. i can bet even if her life depended on it, she will never ask the legal system for help, not after this event.
    Teenagers are known to cause trouble, push boundaries and it is expected. People who have to deal with them professionally on a daily basis should be trained on how to deescalate a situation without it turning into a physical altercation there is no excuse for this, absolutely NONE!

  14. TruthSeeker says:

    What evil bastards…..
    they should rot in hell…..
    with penis cancer

  15. Bluesman says:

    Poor girl, there is no justification for this whatsoever

    Obama must be SO proud of the America he has created

    To those posting what they want to do to police, I sincerely hope you use proxies, or you might find those same cops paying you a visit 😐

    • Whizerd67 says:

      I haven’t used proxies in years…and I’m telling you, and THEM…I will kill a cop(to me, they are no longer cops at this point) for doing this, or anything similar, to my daughter or loved-one.
      Another thing, for the record….if I don’t succeed, there are at least 6 others that will fill the void and get it done.
      I hope it never has to come to that for me. I’ve got more important things to be concerned about than a fkn POS cop or cops, that need culled.

      Fk a proxy. I’m not hiding anymore. They want to come after me for my free speech..bring it. You might get lucky enough.
      I don’t have to live with the lie…you do.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

    • Henry Shivley says:

      If you follow the facebook link, the beating actually took place in New Zealand where the people enjoy a socialist utopia under the rule of the queen.

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        I figured that out last night, Henry, when someone at Starbucks asked me where it happened, but I figured I’d just go ahead and let eveyone vent.

        Besides, it’s so typical of cops here these days anyway.

  16. escapefromobamastan says:

    Time to hire a bull dog attorney and there’s always sneaky private justice, which feels even better.

  17. Mike says:

    The cops have been given permission to do this shit through a form of implied consent. How many times has police brutality been in the news the past 5 years? Hundreds of times I’m sure. How many times have the officers involved suffered under the laws they are paid to enforce? I bet it isn’t even 10%! This fact alone gives law enforcement approval of such behavior. The people need to get involved with active persuing police behavior and press charges against the officers involved and not taking money in exchange for dropping the subject and walking away from the problem. Cops get away with murder all the time because the system is full of D.A.’s and judges who don’t want to be on the books as the ones who were on a case that opens up a liability problem amounting to tens of millions of dollars in restitution for a pig killing a defenseless individual who may or may not be directly connected to the officers involved actions that led up to their demise. The blue brotherhood don’t police themselves for shit! They don’t come out against one another in court and they intimidate potential witnesses not to testify or to lie when the are on the stand. This shit is done by another type of criminal, mobsters and gang bangers! Don’t people get it? Cops are in a criminal gang too. A gang that is part of another criminal syndicate called the government. They are the knuckle dragging goons who enforce the politics of the elected through the use of violence that has been given implied consent through the lack of action taken against it by the people.

  18. FTP says:

    FTP = F#@k the Pigs.

    FTP = Fire the Politicians.

    Hunt the zion money PARASITE. The paedophile filth!

    Take control of the fascist MACHINE.


    The PARASITE and MACHINE: Assimilate or ELIMINATE!

  19. Mike says:

    Most cops were coward bullies in school. That’s why they became cops

  20. flek says:

    Stop sending cops to Israel to be trained.
    Stop hiring mentally disturbed people to be cops.
    Stop militarizing the police before they are a military.
    Stop blurring the line between cop and soldier.

    Start demanding prosecution.

    Stop giving in…you’re losing ground at the speed of light

    Remind them of the Battle of Athens.


  21. Mike says:

    The night that my 3 yr 9 mo old son was taken by the police and CPS workers and I found out that he was crying and shaking saying “I want my mommy”, “I want my mommy”, I was deeply upset with the rotten government that would treat my son in this way. I was angry with those who were doing this evil work but I knew there were others that were trying to do the right thing, but where were they when my son needed help? WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be in charge in America but America has become “Amerika” a CORPORATE FASCIST POLICE STATE with the corporations in charge of the GOVENANCE and not WE THE PEOPLE. I am revolting and this action by the evil powers only increased my resolve to destroy their power and to bring their governance down.=====> Mike—Up the Revolution

    • diggerdan says:

      Mike, this is what we all get for paying taxes to pay these decrepit law makers form the meter maid on up to the pres and all the pres. men. We pay their salaries and they think that we all approve of the laws that they are makeing us all follow. Ever wonder why the average person is expected to follow what the PTB says but the ptb doesn`t have to follow the same laws? – well it is because we approuve of what they are doing by paying taxes to pay their saleried position to continue doing what they are/have been doing for years. They are on a power trip and they think that it is OK because they are supported by the hard working tax payers money.

  22. Zimbabalouie says:

    There are no “good” cops. The logic is simple. They all abide by a “code” that requires them to stand down when it omes to the actions of other cops.

    They all agree to enforce the laws equally and justly when the swear their oath to the citizens that give them the extraordinary powers that they weild. They then disrespect that oath and betray the citizens who have agreed to their powers by protecting one another from accountability for their actions.

    So there are no good cops. They are all bad. They all lie, they all violate laws both major and minor and expect to get away with their actions. The entire system is a criminal conspirocy that will likely remain in place and powerfull.

    Finally, were that my daughter … let’s just say it would be a difficult decision to show restraint. So all of you lovers of the ciminal cops take note. There are somethings you should not do and this is one of those things.

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