On a shrink and a prayer

The Rebel – by John Kaminski

The world increasingly makes no sense. It is awash in lies, financial scams and false flag murder. That everyone has not gone completely insane already is a miracle in itself, given the environmental and behavioral incentives to do so.

We look to those who can ease the pain of troubled minds and broken hearts, hoping they can provide some degree of understanding about a world in which the moral fabric we hope our children can absorb and pass on to their offspring has rotted into a sordid fast buck operation with no redeeming social value.  

At the center of this vast vacuum in which there is no one to trust, we look to our moral authorities, who are primarily involved in psychology and religion, and find no one there up to speed on the progress of our collective and ongoing species suicide.

I regard both psychology and religion as utterly irrelevant topics these days, because they both fail the same test. Neither vocation regards the causes of the maladies they aspire to cure as primarily environmental — namely, that the artificial pressures imposed by government, media and so-called education have warped our formula for living into a twisted nightmare of misleading and irrelevant propaganda, destroying the necessary skills for self-reliance and replacing them with a false checklist of social subservience, also known as political correctness.

The so-called science of psychology delves into the mind independently of current political or environmental effects. Religion is afflicted by the same deficiency.

Both psychology and religion operate on rules and practices that are wholly independent of and divorced from the reality of the day. Principally they are based on an existing corpus of knowledge decided upon in years or centuries past, and are not particularly attuned to the political events of the day; and they therefore are unable and unqualified to render opinions or diagnoses about the mental health or moral fitness of individuals who are subject to political pressures and environmental triggers that compel them to commit heinous crimes against both themselves and others.

Someone who has killed hundreds of enemy humans may be adjudged perfectly sane by government psychologists who are ordered to approve of such behavior. Other military heroes could be lauded by military chaplains for their bravery, when in reality these individuals might well be homicidal maniacs acting under the cover of patriotic or doctrinal directives. That their behavior is widely approved by the societies for which they fight further illustrates the dubious sanity of their supporters.

Psychologists, all too often, actually create the diseases they profess to cure by their rampant reliance on one bogus pharmaceutical panacea after another, which, as with most doctors, puts them in a high tax bracket and their patients in an often incurable downward spiral toward a babbling and twitching institutionalized oblivion.

Psychologists trace the maladies of the mind solely based on interactions with one’s family members or personal acquaintances, trying to blame the damage on unhealthful interactions with compulsive parents. These shrinks do not take into account the public lies which drench the population in insane notions, and therefore these scientists of the mind are incapable of assessing the problems they are pretending to cure.

To repeat, religions face the same quandary. Ruled as they are by governments that permit them to exist (and most often grant them tax exemptions and preferred status as long as they approve of what their governments do), religions cannot consider the moral betrayals of the institutions that grant them their existence, and hence cannot judge objectively what is appropriate or moral behavior from what is not.

You only have to consider holy men who bless their troops as they are about to go off to war and kill people who don’t really deserve to die, usually for reasons that are utterly fallacious and merely the self-serving justifications of the government whose intent is to rob and subjugate those people it intends to make war against.

Both professions are equally unprepared to assess the damage to the psyches of individuals who commit these acts, and generally conclude that what they have done is morally wrong on a personal level, even though on a political level they would simultaneously diagnose most homicidal behavior as laudable and even courageous, as in “defending the homeland” and all that crap.

The number of soldiers committing suicide these days after coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan testifies to the ineptitude of both psychologists and men of the cloth who futilely attempt to console them about their morally criminal behavior.

Worst of all, because both psychologists and religious preachers make judgments on human beings without considering the proper political or biochemical contexts of their actions, their treatments are necessarily futile, and only add to the growing population of chemically lobotomized morons — not to mention their unnecessarily shattered families — in institutions and social programs throughout the world.

Notice how public media are loathe to mention the pharmaceutical medications of either those charged with mass shootings or cops who abuse innocent citizens. The argument for gun control is much stronger when using police abuse of innocent people as a reason for taking guns away from them.

This lack of knowledge and content is obviously demonstrated by both professions. In psychology, professionals are eager to deny that it is school curricula and badly trained educational professionals literally drive students crazy by teaching them falsehoods that are approved by the state. In religion, the emphasis seems to be more and more on behaving aggressively toward competing creeds while at the same time insisting they are teaching pacifistic moral philosophies, creating a conflict that cannot help but lead to cognitive dissonance that cannot be resolved intellectually.

Psychologists all too often recommend medications that induce permanent unconsciousness (if not outright brain injury), while religions do essentially the same thing by inculcating mythological fantasies that prohibit deductive reasoning, compassion for strangers, and open mindedness.

Hence, both professions are willfully unable to deal with the pressing problems facing humanity today, at the very time at which judgments about the moral behavior of powerful nations conducting questionable wars, or very rich corporations tricking people into buying poison products or eating harmful foods, determine the life or death of millions of people every day of the year.

No one is saying that compassionate psychologists haven’t rescued people abused by their parents or poisoned by their doctors from miserable lives. Just as no one is saying compassionate preachers haven’t saved many lost, disconsolate souls from wasteful choices. The stated goals of these two vocations are laudable and valuable in the extreme.

But overall, the performance of both professions, across time and space, has done much more harm than good, and more importantly, has mislabled acts clearly distinguishable as evil as really good and necessary to society. I’m talking about things like chemical lobotomies and female clitoridectomies.

While attending a sparsely attended conference of psychologists this week who advocate treating patients without drugging them, I’ve come to see the helping professions (as well as society at large) as having become completely overwhelmed by the profit motive, and that choice, that direction, that disease that has swept across the planet for centuries and left the world a desolate mess, is the one most important thing responsible for our demise as a species, and a quandary for which we still have no solution.

Except to do as a certain small percentage of decent people in every profession finally decide is the best way to deal with anything, and that is to talk it out, to understand what has happened to us, and figure out the best way to fix it.

There is no magic pill to take all our troubles way, there are no supernal gods in the sky ready to forgive us our sins, there are no extraterrestrials coming to save us.

There is only us and our neighbors, and we need to somehow honestly forgive each other, and move on. Hard as that might seem now, if that is not possible, then nothing else is.

The prevailing human political philosophy seems to be that a strong leader needs to pontificate directions to malleable followers. Human history shows us that this formula leads to success for a short period, which is inevitably followed by chaos as the leader’s successors fight each other for supremacy to continue their tyranny.

If we continue to follow this formula, we won’t last much longer. The whole place will be burned up by increasingly sophisticated weapons.

The fight for human supremacy is really a fight to kill our own deaths, which, Ray Kurzweil notwithstanding, cannot be accomplished. To aspire toward this goal is futile, and produces most of the murders in both large wars and small fights.

To understand why we are here is to understand we will not be here forever, and to understand that is to understand that we don’t need either psychologists or preachers to feel rewarded, fulfilled and existentially comfortable. We only need to seriously listen to each other and understand that most of us are all basically saying the same thing.

And it’s a simple matter to identify those who are not on the same page as the rest of humanity. They’re the ones making the big money off the wars, the pushing of pills to make everybody sick, and the ones who work so hard trying make us believe that those innocent people we kill with such gusto are really evil, when they’re not.

When innocent people are called evil, it’s the ones killing them who are really the evil ones. And that’s a shoe that every American, and especially every Jew in America, can easily fit into.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.







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