5 thoughts on “One Armed Resistance

  1. Nothing like troopers that usurp their authority, no matter how cooperative the ONE Handed young man was. They are just like Obama, just as cold, and uncaring, like the guy is going to hurt the Xnumber of troopers that came to the house, then because he asked what they were there for, they start using excuses that he was bulling the troopers, lies just like Obama. What is the world coming to? MMMMM My, My, My, My, My.

  2. Love the end, “the wild one armed man”. If this doesn’t scream police state I don’t know what does. Why were the police called to this mans residence? The rest of the story would be nice. He should have never opened the door if he had broken no laws.

    1. I agree with everything you are saying and have been asking myself those same questions as I watched it. Let’s just go up to the door and say come on out. And when you let us in, let’s just arrest you and say you assaulted us and resisted us. And they wonder why WE THE PEOPLE don’t like them or are mad at them? Does it even ring a bell in their delusional insane heads?

      1. Not to the cops I know. I have a first cousin that I haven’t talked to in 15+ years because of the attitude he developed after joining a local force, and a best friend from high school that I can only take in small doses due to his beliefs on how the system is suppose to work after becoming a cop. Both were good guys before hand and now it’s all about the punishment they can dish out to the “perps” as they call them. The good old days of innocent until proven guilty seem to be gone. According to both that I know everybody is judged as guilty on the beat for the cops safety.

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