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Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

With conflicting accounts as to whether Wal-Mart is putting off the restocking of ammunition after their meetings with the Obama administration and many local gun and ammo suppliers simply running out of ammunition after a massive surge in sales, it seemed prudent to gather a few sources for ammunition from online suppliers.

Via Google search a few of them are listed below:

Ammunition To Go-

The Brass Kings-

Able Ammo-


Surplus Ammo-

Gun Broker-

The Ammo Bank-

[Updated links below]

Centerfire Systems-  – H/T @jshimp350

This is just a start, as I run across more I will add them and if you know of a site and have the link, leave it in the comments and it will be added.

For those that want an answer as to whether Wal-Mart has halted the restocking of ammunition,contact information below:

Wal-Mart Corporate Office and  Headquarters
702 SW 8th St.
Bentonville AR 72716
Wal-Mart corporate phone number:
(479) 273-4000

Wal-Mart on Twitter @Walmart

12 thoughts on “Online Ammo Suppliers

  1. This site is tied directly to several distributors. The profit margin is quite low. You could also add Patriot Supply in Ashland, Missouri. Patriot started loading 223 ammo on commercial machines early last year. The other group that started making ammunition last year is Universal currently makes 9mm & 40S&W along with 223. They are manufacturers for several of the nations and the worlds top IPSC shooters. Frank Garcia owns and runs Universal Ammo company. They export ammunition for IPSC matches to international matches around the world. Their ammo is good enough to satisfy the best shooters on the planet. IPSC is the world version of United States Practical Shooting Association.

  2. Thanks for the info! Great article share and especially appreciate the sites…my hubby and pals are getting more weary about even having future hunting seasons..
    Our country is no longer ours…

  3. What did I say last week? They were in the process of either stalling or slowing down the shipment of ammo. This just proves my point. Now those assholes in Walmart refuse to ship out ammo until further notice? I’m telling you they are planning on having a background check to buy ammo! This is why they are halting the ammo selling. They will wait for Obama to give the word. This will be Obama’s executive order! Mark my words.

    1. Sorry leo, I didn’t check the links, I just assumed they were stocked up. I have no idea how long this article has been out, it could quite possibly have been circulating for some time on the internet before I came across it, so that could very well be the reason for the empty shelves.


  4. Almost ALL the ammo for every caliber has been sold. You have to show up at the store by chance or on the website by chance, right when they make it available. There is something going on and its bigger than banning weapons and ammo. Get ready folks……the fight is about to start. And we REAL Americans are going to have to stick together.

    1. What is going on…for those of you who do not follow the internet news/patriot web sites is that OBAMA is planning a catastrophic event that will allow him to declare Martial Law in the U.S.A. Are you aware that over 600 FEMA CAMPS (INTERNMENT CAMPS FOR U.S. CITIZENS) CAPABLE OF HOLDING MANY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE , HAVE BEEN BUILT AROUND THE COUNTRY ???. The Dept. of Homeland Security (OBAMA’S PRIVATE ARMY) has purchased over 1.5 Billion rounds of hollow point ammo (NOT for target practice !!!) but for use against the civilian population!!!!. OBAMA is getting ready for a complete economic collapse and civil disorder/unrest/riots in America !!!…That is why he is trying so hard to take guns away from Americans. Also, all Fed/State/Local Law Enforcement agencies in the USA have been Militarized with Military grade equipment and firearms for Riot Control and Many units of the military (National Guard/ Coast Guard etc.etc) have all undergone riot control/civil unrest training !!!!….OBAMA is planning a WAR against the Civilian Population of America !!!!….Better start spreading the word to everyone…The S**T is gonna hit the fan sooner than people expect !!!!!

      1. I been knowing that pos was up to no good hell hes not even from the us your right people better wake up I wish Obama his self would come to my house and try to take my gun it would not be nice.

    1. Their instock items are out of stock. They don’t have anything and the prices on what they claim to have are in the profiteer range.

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