Oops: Police Offer No Explanation After Officers Nearly Kill Entire Family

Infowars – by Adan Salazar

A Florida family of three is thankful to be alive after two police officers opened fire on the wrong home early Saturday morning.  

It was close to 1 a.m. when the Ocoee homeowner heard a loud banging on his front door as his wife and 12-year-old son slept.

The man, who preferred to remain anonymous, told WFTV 9 he grew concerned after the people knocking refused to identify themselves, and at that point proceeded to retrieve his firearm, believing a burglar was at the door.

Next, the man says he saw a bright light through one of his windows before hearing someone yell, “Gun!”

“That’s when bullets started flying,” reports WFTV.

“Two bullets flew past the man’s head, and more bullets pierced walls and shattered glass windows,” according to the homeowner, who says he, his wife and 12-year-old son were on the floor praying not to be shot.

Police say they are investigating what the two officers were doing at the residence.

“Upon arrival, a person was confronted and shots were fired,” Ocoee police Sgt. Bob Rivera said in a statement. “The investigation is ongoing by The Florida Department of Law enforcement.”

WFTV reports the officers involved, Carlos Anglero and Stephanie Roberts, were already under internal investigation.

Incredibly, and despite the homeowner never firing a shot, the man says his family was handcuffed and ordered to sit on the curb while investigators went through their home.

The family alleges police prohibited them from re-entering their home for another 10 hours.

Adding insult to injury, the man says he has yet to receive an explanation, let alone an apology from police.


9 thoughts on “Oops: Police Offer No Explanation After Officers Nearly Kill Entire Family

  1. Now they’re murdering us on the family plan.

    I believe that the only solution is to have your gun pointed at a pig’s head as soon as you see them drive up. This way if they decide to mow you down for no reason, you can at least take one of them with you.

    1. we need to start living by the “numbers build security” motto

      if you have 10 highly armed men waiting for them to visit .. they might just decide its too risky

      oh and BTW dont hold your breath waiting for that apology

      every one of this mans families rights were violated ..and not a Fckin thing will be done about it or to change it

  2. How long are we going to keep putting up with these atrocities?

    We’re Americans. We shouldn’t put up with any of this.

  3. They should at least plug all the bullet holes and repair the damage.
    Then the cops need to go down to the animal shelter and voluntarily get themselves spaded and nutured.
    The other people need to just need to hire a lawyer and cash in.
    It was divine intervention.
    Like that scene in pulp fiction.

    Now ..give me my wallet…
    Which one is it..honeybunny?
    It’s the one that says… BadMutherfkr.

  4. This attempted murder, of a family of three, should result in a three hundred million dollar lawsuit. When the Police Chief, does not even give the family an explanation, let alone an apology, it is always because they are attempting to engage in a cover-up. Had it of been my home, let there be no doubt, I would have opened fire. These officers were up to no good and deserved having the air let out of them.

  5. Is it time to start wearing our plate carriers to bed yet?

    or wear them as a daily thing?

    isnt it special(sarc)that the first shots were intended head shots?..

    when folks?, when?

  6. The home owner suspected a robbery. He was right. Just because they have a badge and handcuffs, didn’t mean they are honest. What better cover to perform robberies. They put the home owners in cuffs and continue on with their planned robbery.

  7. “… the man says he has yet to receive an explanation, let alone an apology from police.”

    The pigs will receive no explanations or apologies when they’re executed for their crimes, either.

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