6 thoughts on “Oops! Slip of the Tongue

  1. The joos have this freak ethic of telling the goy what their doing to them. So no, no slip of the tongue.

  2. That was the MSM not the Jews. Jewish guy here. Not vaccinated nor do I believe the covid “vaccines” are okay. The MSM and the left are pushing this. Not the Jews. Many many Jews are completely against it.

    1. And WHO controls msm? So yes, it is the joos. My only wish is that you stop embracing such supremacist cultism and embrace the Bill of Rights in its entirety, and cast aside any allegiance to the group that is so diametrically opposed to equality and individual liberty. That can not be done while supporting the talmudic “jewish” cult. It is against all who are not them at its core. I wish you understanding and truth.

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