Israel will Destroy the US through Invasion of Iran

Israel’s Prime Minister and apparently many of the Israeli Ministers are pushing for a strike on Iran.  The Israeli’s are speculating that though the US government is portraying itself as against the strike, they will quickly bring the Americans onboard as soon as they can get a war started.

God’s personal representative in the United States, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, came out in full support of an Israeli attack on Iran, saying that unlike the cold war era when Russia, he says, only wanted nuclear war heads to insure that America did not use nuclear war heads against them, Huckabee says Iran wants a bomb because they want to use it.

Huckabee is pathetic in calling himself a man of God at the same time he is advocating for further slaughter of the peoples of the Middle East.

I was just a kid during the cold war, but I do remember the propaganda.  The American taxpayers shelled out $5.5 trillion to upgrade and upgrade again our nuclear arsenal, for the specific stated reason that the Russians, in spite of logic and the insanity that would have to be involved, were planning a first strike.

Mike Huckabee, you are a liar.  You call yourself a man of God.  I say you are a rich influential proponent of the industrial war complex.  Mike Huckabee likes to brag about his many trips to Israel and his interactions with the Israeli government, saying Israel must take out Iran in order to preserve itself.

Let’s all step back away from this psycho and take a look at this situation.  What exactly is aggression?  If Israeli war planes launch and then penetrate the sovereign air space of Iran and drop bombs on that country, is that not an aggressive act of war?  Did we not condemn this very same action when Adolf Hitler breached the sovereign borders of Poland and France?

The US just finished up its unlawful acts in Libya and yes, war crimes were committed, both in the invasion and the carpet bombing.  Little children were killed by the scores and their blood is on every one of our hands for not stopping it.

Israel wants to invade, capture, and control the whole Middle East and its resources.  Their moves are driven by greed and arrogance.  We the people of the United States must cast these evil Zionists away from us before our association with them becomes so absolute that the rest of the people of the world will have to destroy us just to preserve their own lives.

Mike Huckabee, in portraying himself as a man of God, is in truth speaking as a serpent.  He is not a lamb; he is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He is poison and if we drink of him, we will suffer egregiously.

It is a fact that Israel built its own nuclear arsenal in secret and in violation of international law.

I have asked this question many times.  What does Israel have to offer the United States that would compel us to sacrifice our children for their cause of Middle East domination?  We cannot let the dual citizen Israeli/American insurgents suck us into a war with Iran.  This is not Iraq.  This is not Afghanistan.  This is Persia, who will be joined by Russia and China and Pakistan and their nuclear arsenals.

What this charlatan Huckabee is suggesting is that we risk a thermal nuclear world war because the Israelis think Iran might be getting close to developing one bomb.

Everyone listen to me.  The Zionist Israelis have no qualms whatsoever about sacrificing the lives of every other human being on this planet that is not them.  They are liars and manipulators who think they are entitled to everything and that the rest of humanity is nothing more than their cattle in their fields, theirs to slaughter for their luxury.

If they try to get the US into a war with Iran, our armed forces must refuse and arrest those giving the unlawful orders to violate international law and put their fellow Americans in a situation that could destroy us all.

God help our military leaders to have the strength to resist the Zionists.

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