Options and Time Running Out For Establishing That NWO Dictatorship

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The people who think they own every government on the earth except for Syria and Iran are bankers. They do not know much about real people and their lives but they do understand money and interest rates. If you follow Zero Hedge or Bloomberg or some other financial source, you will already know that interest rates have been flashing ‘Warning! Crash Ahead’.

I should point out something about Janet Yellen our next Federal Reserve Chairman. Wall Street preferred Larry Summers (Samuelson). He would have done the criminal things to us that the Bankers want. They wanted Cyprus style bank Bail-Ins where the bankers seize our deposits to pay for their bad investments and their bonuses. Janet Yellen is a Jewish liberal. Her self-limiting option is to PRINT. She will lead us into the final stage of collapse which will be Hyperinflation. Instead of a Bail-In the worst she would do is have a Bank Holiday, followed by a severe dollar devaluation and Hyperinflation.  

We have Banker Occupied Governments. The bankers became rich from their ability to create money out of nothing and loan it to us at interest. When the dollar collapses, we will be free for a brief interlude because money will have no value. The Bankers know that so they will inflict as much pain as possible to divide us and set against each other. The question is what can we expect them to do so we can prepare.

Obviously, we need to store food so we do not have to risk our lives going outdoors to forage for food during Nationwide Food Riots and Race Wars. I have been watching Obama’s poll numbers plummet. It is getting to the point where Obama would be worth more dead than alive to Wall Street and the City of London. Therefore, I say that an assassination can happen though it might never occur. But it is possible. However, Food Riots and Race Riots are definitely a part of our future if we do not change the government.

The Bankers see their problem as transitioning us to a One World Dictatorship from the chaos that follows a dollar collapse. I expect the US dollar to soon lose half of its value. That means wages will be cut in half. Riots will send real fear to everyone of all races.

It is possible that we could have Cyber Attacks on our banks. I do not think that will help the bankers. Edward Snowden has revealed too much about the NSA for anyone to believe that Iranian and Chinese hackers stole their bank deposits. There have been Cyber Attacks on exchanges as a prelude. There are a series of drills scheduled for October and November that could be used to shut down the American electrical power grid. In November they want to practice sending viruses into the grid! This is not a good idea as our nuclear power plants depend upon the power grid for cooling. We could face a meltdown or two if the grid goes down for more than one day. We have aging nuclear power plants and viruses in control rooms will not help.

I do not think that taking down the power grid will work to the advantage of the Bankers. However, during that period of Food Riots, the Bankers will not hesitate to turn off the electricity to areas of high resistance to break the will of those who say No. I have pointed out that if the Banker Occupied Government does declare a live fire shooting war against us that they can expect persons from a leaderless resistance to cut off the electricity going into Washington and maybe even New York.

The Bankers know they cannot rely upon the US military to go out into the street and to start shooting their friends and relatives.

They know that a majority of us have figured out that there was something fishy about 911.

They know that a majority of us have figured out their wars are fake. Why should America become Al Qaeda’s Air Force and invade Syria? Because Syria owes no money to the IMF? That is not a sufficient reason to invade a country that never harmed us.

The Bankers are running out of options. They could try to shut down the Internet but that is going to meet with a lot of resistance. However, controlling the Internet is a Must for the Bankers if they want to go back to the good old days when they were allowed to lie to us and we believed them. Or at least 90% of us did. That was until Israel killed President Kennedy and did 911.

There has been resistance to the World Bank, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the Too Big To Jail Banks. But until now it has  been sporadic and limited to certain specific issues like African and Latin American debts or interest rate manipulation in North America and Europe. We will need a worldwide revolt against the Bankers. We need people all over the world to realize that Syria and Iran must be defended. They said No to the IMF, Wall Street, the City of London and Israel. Instead of being tricked into a war against Iran and Syria we need to hail them as fellow Freedom Fighters.

At some point soon after the Food Riots begin, the Bankers would like to offer us a new world currency. In Phase One of their plan we will have national currencies tied to the IMF’s SDR (Special Drawing Rights.)

We will have to remember the people of Iceland. They said No to the Bankers, to His Majesty’s Jewish Government and the IMF. But they did not reform their own banking system. They did not seize the Central Bank. They did not ban fractional reserve banking. And they did not issue a non-interest bearing currency. The ability of the Bankers to charge us interest for money they created out of nothing is what got us here. We will not put this economic disaster behind us until we take that right to create our money away from the bankers.

The SDR will continue the exploitation system under which we work and earn real money that is given to the Bankers thus transferring all wealth from us to them. Iceland today has debt equal 150% of GDP. And Reggie Middleton say the banks of Iceland will follow the banks of Europe when the bank runs begin.

The Chinese have an alternative international currency system to the IMF which could go live as early as 2014. They have been casting gold into one kilogram bars to be used in a distributed as opposed to a centralized system of international trade and credit. We would not use IMF SDRs under their plan. But we would have to buy gold before we could import anything from overseas. America, the UK, France and southern Europe would face instant poverty. Nations like Germany that actually make things people want to buy will survive and thrive. But it would end the tyranny of the IMF and World Bank.

I think there is no scenario where the Bankers get out of this present situation and keep control of the governments of the world.

The US military especially in the elite units and in the junior officer corps are joining the resistance. People are beginning to figure out False Flags like 911. Israel benefited when they killed JFK but I see little benefit to them from assassinating Obama. All it would do is to start a Race War. That would make it impossible for America to fight a foreign war.  And, if the black people and other Obama supporters figured out that the Bankers killed America’s first black President, then it would not end well for the bankers as Obama was the last line of defense against the mobs of angry people. Obama gave the bankers cover from the Left and from minorities.

So what do I expect? Hyperinflation. Yes. Food Riots. Yes. Cyprus style bank Bail-Ins in America. No. Bank runs. Yes. Bank Holidays. Yes for US and Europe.  A Presidential assassination. Probably not. A complete nationwide power grid shutdown lasting more than 24 hours. Not likely. Sporadic power outages. Yes. A False Flag attack equaling 911. No. People are getting too wise. A war with Russia and China. No. A war with Syria and Iran. No. The US military will refuse to join either war. They have had direct talks with their Russian military counterparts. There will be no war.

Will Bernanke and Yellen print more money. A definite Yes.

Will the Jewish leadership and their banking friends establish a New World Order? No. Never.

Will the Bankers release a series of plagues. That is possible. They do have those plagues lined up. Our only hope in that regard is that the US military and the Russians tell Israel that their days of Waging Unlimited Zionist Terror against the world are over. There will be no peace in the world until Israelis are told they must behave themselves and act like responsible adults.

I do need to remind you that there are other solutions and paths. Seize all Central banks. Seize the assets of the Bankers and other criminals. Cancel debts worldwide including Africa and Latin America. In the US I would offer $20,000 in debt cancellation. Issue a non-interest bearing currency. End fractional reserve banking. I would cut taxes. The European Union should eliminate all Value Added Taxes. In America I would eliminate property taxes. A lot of people do not seem to understand that their tax money goes to make interest payments on money the Bankers created out of nothing and to fight wars for the bankers and Israel.

Not anything the bankers plan to send our way needs to happen.


2 thoughts on “Options and Time Running Out For Establishing That NWO Dictatorship

  1. Parasites must be completely ERADICATED or they will simply REINFECT the hosts,the j-ws and their whores/politicians are a fkn parasitic non human race that has slowly but surley all but destroyed/enslaved the human race.This ongoing threat must finally be permanently terminated if humanity is to survive.

  2. In my younger days, I’d yell, “Rock n Roll!”

    Now it’s “Lock n Load!”

    One more thing to add to your survival supplies, a good length of fine quality rope that will withstand stretching and the dropping of a large weight.

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