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Here is the Harney County OR (actually the whole Oregon) minerals map. As you can see, the land on and around the Mahleur Refuge has primarily bentonite and zeolite clays only. They are industrial minerals. They can be found many, many places in America.

There are a couple of gold sites south of the refuge.

You can select metals (Gold, Uranium, Mercury, Copper, Barium, etc.). Most of that is on the eastern side of Steens Mountain. There’s also much more Gold and Uranium on the eastern side of the mountains north of Denio NV in Mahleur County.  

So, the article posted earlier regarding getting the ranchers off of the Mahleur Refuge area may, indeed, be as an environmental set aside for future mining in areas further east. You know, protecting sage grouse and all that. Just like the spotted Owl and the forest products industry.

The Feds do not want the refuge land because there are valuable resources under the land, at least according to this map. I don’t think the ranchers want to keep their land and grazing rights for the minerals.

I’m still researching the geology of all of southern Oregon. It’s incredibly complicated. Oregon is the most volcanic state in America. I’ve got a scientific background, but I’m not a geologist, so it’s slow going.

There were two successful Uranium mines NE of Lakeview OR, so you never know what may have precipitated out in the Mahleur Refuge valley. I doubt it’s gold or uranium.
Based on my gut instincts and research, I still think it has more to do with Uranium and Gold in the two valleys east of there.

But, who knows what secrets may been kept and sold to foreign corporations? The Chinese, Indians and Russians are building light water Uranium fuel nuclear reactors at a rapid pace. Both are exploring safer Thorium fuel. The world should be using safer Thorium reactors (look it up if you get a chance). The USA and USSR only used Uranium reactors because they produced Plutonium for bombs during the Cold War.

Oregon Minerals map. http://www.oregongeology.org/sub/milo/milo-harney.htm

Thorium reactor documentary. http://youtu.be/P9M__yYbsZ4


5 thoughts on “Oregon Minerals Map

  1. If you go to that Minerals Map, and select Harney County Mining District, enlarge the map so you can see the town of Burns, just north of Burns is a yellow square which represents “gold, uranium, mercury”, south of the refuge.

    1. Just north of Burns is way north of the refuge.
      I could find no significant gold, uranium or mercury directly south of the refuge on this map. Only to the southeast.
      But I can make mistakes like anyone
      Can you show some screenshots?

  2. “Oregon is the most volcanic state in America.”

    That I didn’t know.

    If I’d have had to guess, I would’ve picked CA, by virtue of it’s size and earthquake activity.

    “Based on my gut instincts and research, I still think it has more to do with Uranium and Gold in the two valleys east of there.”

    The gold is a side issue, most likely.

    From all appearances, contracts have already been signed for the uranium. Top priority.

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