Oregon Teachers Traumatized by Unannounced Shooter Drill

pine eagleThe Daily Sheeple – by Kimberly Paxton

Panic erupted on Friday at Pine Eagle Charter school in rural Oregon when two masked men carrying handguns burst into a teachers’ lounge and opened fire.

After the initial chaos, the terrified teachers realized the guns were firing blanks and that they were the subject of an unannounced shooter drill.  

The little school in Halfway, Oregon was having an in-service day, so the children were at home at the time of the drill. The terrifying action has drawn criticism from many but Principal Cammie DeCastro has defended it, saying, ”For us not to know how we were going to respond is leaving us open”.

Principal Cammie DeCastro said it became clear very quickly just how many of the school’s 15 teachers would have survived. The answer: “Not many,” she said.

Elementary teacher Morgan Gover, 31, said only two teachers would have lived to tell the tale. She admitted being scared, and also acknowledged she would have been among the casualties, having taken several fake direct hits from the shooters.

“I’ll tell you, the whole situation was horrible,” she said. “I got a couple in the front and a couple in the back.”

The surprised staff had received training from the Union County Sheriff’s Office on active shooter scenarios. They had been told they had some options, such as not rushing out of their classrooms when gunfire erupted, and locking and barricading their doors.

They weren’t expecting a drill like this, and they were caught by surprise when the two men entered and began firing.

“There was some commotion,” DeCastro said.

The goal of the drill was to learn how people would react, so better emergency plans could be made, she said. (source)

In light of the fear-mongering by the mainstream media after the Sandy Hook school shooting last December, some people feel that this “drill” increases fearfulness.

The school administration plans to take what they’ve learned from the drill to better prepare.

The district’s Safety Committee and the School Board now will critically evaluate policies and procedures and decide what to do next, said DeCastro.

Armed teachers is one possible outcome, she said. Or the district may get armed and trained volunteers from the community to watch over the school in shifts, she said. Tougher doors and better locks are other options.

Had one of the teachers in that lounge already taken the time to prepare, the unannounced drill could have had tragic results.

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13 thoughts on “Oregon Teachers Traumatized by Unannounced Shooter Drill

  1. This is nothing short of tyranny from terrorists. These F’N cops should be arrested for terroristic threats. They are damn lucky someone in the schools “Gun Free Zone” didn’t have a gun with real bullets. But it makes perfect sense now when you consider the “Gun Free Zone” of a school being the most difficult to defend. Chicken-S**t cops on the loose terrorizing civilians. What a load of s**t!

  2. You’re right Millard!
    It’s a shame the teachers didn’t throw a pot of hot coffee in their faces, or blast them with a fire extinguisher & take’em down and beat the crap out of them.

    1. Hell RT and Millard, I like the good ol` bear pepper spray and then get them f`ers with a gut shot from one of those flare guns. They might just think twice about pulling a stunt like a unanounced training drill. Hell do a crotch shot with a flare gun.

  3. One day someone will pull out a real pistol and open fire on these wannabe watching too much TV ass wipes.

    1. That’s exactly what WILL happen if they try a stunt like that at our school. I pack every day and a copper +P hollow point .45ACP will beat a training round. Every. Time.

  4. Give me a defender of the drill, like the Principal, and I’ll give you someone that has been paid by the federales..

  5. I hope that the Sherriff’s dept brought with them to the school some clean undies for the teachers?

  6. Actually, I was kind of wondering how close this school is to where Henry lives, and also,what would happen if they pulled this cr@p at a school in his town?

    1. Its about 400 miles from where I live. It is by the Idaho border. And no, they would not do this where I live.

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