7 thoughts on “Orlando Shooting HOAX Desperate Crisis Actor Fake Crying EXPOSED

  1. Here, in this woman’s visage, as she makes the critical tactical error that all shills show themselves up with: (“please, could we do something about the assault weapons”); I swear that I can see good old Gene Rosen in her face – the exact fake grimace Rosen made, in fact, we prolly’ need to see if these 2 are brother and sister. Aside from that (in my opinion) biggest smoking gun clue, (heheheh) her entire verbal syntax is NOT that of someone who is framtically attempting to learn if her son is alive or dead.
    I cry Shenannigans!!

    1. lol. I’m pretty sure that she attended the Gene Rosen School for Sh!tty Crisis Actors recently. All the tell tale signs are there.

  2. This crisis actor crap is getting so tired and old. If I were looking to see if my child were dead or alive, I sure wouldn’t be” performing” interviews. I’d be at the hospital waiting on news, and calling everyone I could. I knew this fiasco was crap as soon as I turned on the news Sunday morning. I didn’t even get a sip of coffee before I was calling BS. My daughter told me last night that the gofundme page had already received close to a million dollars. I’m sure it’s higher now. I haven’t checked. Another fake event, and lots of money being raked in.

    1. The gofundme pages have always seemed a great anonymous third-party way for the feds to pay these criminals and avoid any connections that might possibly be exposed by them. A gov check or routing number would be damning. Just a thought, Deb.

      1. Absolutely Martist! I wish I were more computer savvy. They pulled this same crap after sandy hoax. Another trencher posted a comment on another thread, is there a way to go back and see if Craig’s list in Orlando was calling for crisis actors?

        My keyboard is having a mind of it’s own. I’m going to clear cashe, and restart. This is crazy.

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