Our Survival Requires Answering The Jewish Question.

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Karl Marx wrote On the Jewish Question in 1843 5 years before the Communist Manifesto. It is hopelessly out of date. Judaism is at the core of modern life. I believe mankind will not survive unless we answer the Jewish Question.

Marx began his essay by discussing Bruno Bauer’s contention that Jewish emancipation required the creation of a secular state. Bauer said that a secular state required the abolition of both the Jewish and Christian religions. We have an anti-Christian bias in politics, which is fed by Jewish secular leaders. There also is an anti-white bias which also is run by Jewish leaders. When the Jews took over Russia they killed over 60 million white people and probably half of those because they were Christians.  

There was at about that time a Jewish-Communist revolution in Hungary led by Bela Kohn who later changed his last name to Kun. His revolution was a disaster because his policies were insane and conflicted with the traditional values of Hungarian trades union members. The Jewish Marxist answer was to flee to Germany where they founded the Frankfurt School of Critical Thought which sought to destroy Western traditions to prepare the way for an international government run by Jews. In terms of Bauer if there were no religion, then a secular state without borders could be erected.

In practical terms all races and religions are to be destroyed. But Jews would remain as they have an Identity which is non-religious.

Modern DNA has disproven the myth of a Jewish Race. Jews originally were the descendants of the Canaanites who lived in the hills as opposed to their brothers who lived on the plains of Judah.

Historically, there never was a valid Jewish religion. Archaeologists like Dr Israel Finkelstein have proven there was no unified Kingdom of Israel and Judah. There never was a Temple of Solomon. No events of the Passover. At the time of David there were only 1,600 people in Jerusalem so he was not a king. The prophet Jeremiah said Israel had fallen because they had not practiced the Jubilee (Debt Cancellation.) In point of fact the Jews had not heard of the Jewish law until 622 BC when it was ‘discovered’ under the reign of King Josiah. The Jubilee (Debt Cancellation) was something the Jews learned from the Babylonians who in turn borrowed it from the Sumerians.

In short Judaism was never a religion. But neither was it a race.

Gibbon in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire said that under Constantine all Romans had to convert either to Christianity or to Judaism. The ancient Carthaginians had been treated egregiously by the Romans and would have nothing to do with a Roman religion. They became Jews. Carthage meant New City. It was a colony established by the ancient Phoenicians who were Canaanites.

Many of the Jews were converted Berbers. When the Moors invaded Spain in 711 A.D., the Jews opened the gates of the cities to allow their Moorish brethren to enter and to kill the Christians. The Jews acted as spies, torturers and slave traders selling Christians to the Muslims.

The last Moorish enclave fell to the Christians in 1492. At that time many Jews converted to Catholicism. Amongst those whose ancestors converted were Torquemada and the Borgias. The latter included Pope Alexander VI and his children Caesar and Lucretia Borgia. It has been estimated that a third of the Catholic bishops were converted Jews. There were also at the time of Mohammed whole Arab tribes that had converted to Islam.

All of these people are called Sephardim meaning Spanish. On the other side of the ancient world were the Iraqi (Babylonian) Jews who supplied the rabbis for the Ashkenazim who were Khazars. The Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th century. I would like to point out that the Khazars were not the only people from the region who converted to Judaism.  Many of the Slavs allied with the Khazars also converted. You can see that in the appearance of the modern Jews. The majority are not Asiatic looking with small heads as were the Khazars. Most have rounder heads and bigger body frames like some Slavs. Others have more Germanic appearances. Jewish appearances have changed over the centuries due to out breeding. In one year in the Bay Area of northern California I met two Jewish  married women who admitted to me that they found a Gentile biological father for their daughters so they could have better looking offspring. That is another explanation for the changing appearances of modern Jews.

Karl Marx wrote letters to Engels approvingly of a theory that Jews originated as a race after a large number of lepers were expelled from Egypt only to mix with Africans. The theory was that their origin as lepers explained Jewish self-loathing. And their African heritage explained both their darker, swarthier skin color and their uncontrollable sexual desires. But Marx thought Louis Pasteur and his germ theory of disease was a fraud. Marx said that disease could be cured by the proper combination of sex and alcohol.

Hundreds of years ago Jews were rather easy to caricature as hideous in appearance. But that changed with the collapse of the Ghetto system which prevented many Jews from breeding with whites. It should be pointed out that when Jewish leaders negotiated with rulers in the Middle Ages in Europe, they would not allow Jews to migrate to a new country until  the king had passed laws requiring Jews to live in a Ghetto and to wear Jewish symbols making them easily identifiable. The Jewish leaders in part had power because they had followers. If the Jews bred with Gentiles, they would be tempted to fall away from their faith which in reality meant to refuse to follow orders dictated from the Jewish leadership.

Judaism would appear to be a criminal enterprise rather than either a religion or a race.

So what is the point in Being Jewish? Would the world end if Judaism ceased to exist?

I need to address the issue of Jewish leaders to answer those questions.

To answer Bauer and Marx I would say that Christianity must be de-Judaizied if we are to survive as a nation. As I said, there never was a Temple of Solomon. Christianity ought to seek its own foundations outside the Old Testament.

I believe Jewish leaders have a habit of exposing Jewish followers to great risks for a selfish reason. The Talmud says that the Jews have the right to rob the Gentiles as soon as we get control of their government. There is great financial reward by plundering a nation. Jewish leaders have to share their plunder with their followers. When the Jews fled Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union the Jewish leadership stole $240 billion from state enterprises and pension funds. In case you didn’t know it Boris Yeltsin was Jewish. The Jewish leaders did help their poorer brethren by subsidizing rents and other expenses of Russian Jews fleeing to America. They also forced the US government to pay out US Disability claims to Russian Jews who had never paid in to the system. But the rewards of Being Jewish are not fairly and equitably distributed.

I have said in previous essays that the Jewish leaders do not allow Jews to vote on the decisions made for them on high. My conclusion was that Jewish leaders were self-appointed. Whoever launders the most money in the illegal drug and arms trade hires the the most assassins and gets a seat on the Board of Directors of Judaism Inc.

The Jewish leadership is anti-democratic and so any answer to the Jewish Question must address the issue that they are organized to reject democracy, transparency and the free exchange of ideas.

There is only one risk to the Jewish community. And that is the greed, insanity and the urge to self-destruction of their self-appointed leaders.

Catherine Austin Fitts said that $40 trillion had been stolen from Americans by Wall Street and that tens of trillions more would be stolen. James Rickard the financial analyst who advises the CIA said the dollar will suffer a series of devaluations totaling 80%. He said that means imported goods will rise 500% in cost to people paying in dollars. The Demographer Borisov said at least 3 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s during the last Depression. There were only 125 million Americans at that time.

I calculated that on the basis of our greater population and our shift from rural to urban that we should expect 10 million Americans to starve to death in the next Depression. Why? Because Depressions cancel Unpayable Debts and we have more debts to cancel than anytime in history. In the 1930s rural people could hunt deer and rabbits. Can’t do that today if you live in a city.

If you understand what Catherine said, you realize Wall Street is planning a massive Genocide. She looked at the numbers in the 1990s and met secretly with an analyst who also worked with large budgets. He agreed with her that our leaders were planning a Genocide. They made no plans for our long term survival.

I actually think that because all of the pension money has been stolen by Jewish leaders and a few select Gentile traitors that we could lose close to 50 million Americans from starvation, suicide, Food Riots and Race Wars. My conclusion is that Amnesty for illegal aliens was intended to divide America into warring groups that could not arrest the Bankers and seize their assets the Day the Dollar Dies. Even if only 10 million Americans starve to death, there will be no cities left.

I would ask Jewish Americans what their solution to the Jewish Question is.

Israel and Jewish traitors in the US did 911. The US has squandered $6 trillion on wars that harmed American security. How many Jews have said Israel did 911?

Israel and Jewish traitors in the US killed President Kennedy and got America into the Vietnam war.

An earlier generation of Jews got America into WW II which took 58 million Gentile lives. The sole justification for that war was the Holohoax.

Should we allow Jews who lied to us about 911 to even participate in our democracy as voters, campaign donors and political organizers? If they lack loyalty to America, what role should they fulfill in our political society? Is it not treason to conspire to kill Americans by the tens of millions?

If Jewish people do not come forth with solutions to the Jewish Problem, then they will not have any right to complain to the solutions offered by non-Jews to a high level threat to the lives of billions of people.

Gentile Lives Matter.


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