OUTLOOK 2014 – Hyperinflation Not Around The Corner: Johns Hopkins – Kitco News

Published on Dec 24, 2013 by Kitco NEWS

Kitco News speaks with Steve Hanke of The Johns Hopkins University about the global economy, monetary policies, China and gold on this Outlook 2014 edition of “On The Spot.” According to Hanke, the monetary policies in place around the world are not actually growing the money supply. He then goes on to talk about stress tests that will be taking place in Europe in 2014, which Hanke doesn’t think they will be effective. “The solution is some forbearance for the banks,” Hanke says. “You can’t continue to beat up the banks and in effect impose regulation and mandates that force [them] to de-leverage and shrink in the middle of an [economic] slump because you make that slump worse.” Hanke also comments on China and says that the country “hasn’t hit a wall” and will continue to grow. Finally, Hanke says gold would perform well in times of inflation. “[However,] if people think that hyperinflation is right around the corner because state money is exploding, they’re fooling themselves.” Kitco News, December 24, 2013.

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8 thoughts on “OUTLOOK 2014 – Hyperinflation Not Around The Corner: Johns Hopkins – Kitco News

  1. In my humble opinion, I think John Hopkins does not have a clue of the real world. He is what I might catagorize as a possible “intelligent” person, but has no “wisdom”

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    Clearly,.. Steve Hanke is Crack addict, is suffering from delusional bouts of Obamanomics,….. and seriously needs some professional help.

    Next,.. he’ll be swearing up and down how a bunch of sheep herders from the other side of the world really did highjack and fly some of the most sophisticated aircraft in human history into some New York Buildings,.. and managed to knock down three buildings with only two planes….

    Get some help Hanke’s,.. your brain no longer functions.

    JD – US Marines – The commie shills are just POURING out of the wood work now, aren’t they?

  3. I dont know Paul, but I know whom not to believe. My guess is they will keep printing and we get hyperinflation. Many countries are getting rid of the dollar.
    Sources I know of also speak strongly in regards to a global currency reset. It wont be the end of the world, but it will be a hardship on many. I think precious metals are important to have, physically, not on paper. Food water, protection. The things most here already know of. What I do know, is that things are going to get worse, I just dont know how drastic and how quickly.

    1. Well, it’s horrible right now. Compared to 40 years ago, when I was just a kid $100.00 would buy you three shopping carts full of food. Now it’s just 3 or 4 bags if your lucky enough to include meat.

  4. JD – US Marines – The commie shills are just POURING out of the wood work now, aren’t they?

    Yes JD…They are getting desperate. Their lies are getting extremely silly. Next they will be telling me that it doesnt get dark at night. Or water isnt wet etc. 🙂

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