Palestinian kids die in settler attack

Palestinian boys play with toy guns by the window of a house in Gaza City. (File photo) If five Israeli kids had been killed by some Gazans, Israeli would of bombed the Gaza Strip into oblivion.

Press TV

At least five Palestinian children have suffocated after Israeli settlers burned down their house in a village, north of the West Bank city of Ramallah.  

Palestine News Network (PNN) reported on Thursday that the incident took place when a group of settlers attacked the house of the Palestinian villagers, breaking its windows and setting it on fire.

The settlers also wrote racist words on the walls.

The report added that three other adults suffered injuries in the brutal incident.

Such attacks are common across the occupied West Bank as Israeli settlers have on numerous occasions desecrated mosques and vandalized Palestinian cemeteries.

Israeli troops usually refuse to intervene to prevent such acts of aggression.


2 thoughts on “Palestinian kids die in settler attack

  1. Time for the Indians (Palestinians) to get some better weapons, to fight off the cowboys (Zionist Jews, no doubt from JewYork City). One of our proud exports to Isrhell is the cowboys. Bottle rockets just don’t cut it when you are in the fight for your life. I have yet to hear of a Zionist being burned out or shot at, just the occasional bottle rocket.

  2. “Israeli troops usually refuse to intervene to prevent such acts of aggression.”


    I would assume they are initiating such.

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