Paris Attack False Flag: Conspiracy Hoax Exposed

Published on Nov 15, 2015 by Young Philosopher

Compilation of clips and evidences put together that proves this was a staged false flag terror attack in Paris, France.

Original Tweet (two days before event) can be seen here:…

Fox News anchor’s daughter was there. How convenient! Fox News says she was at concert hall but the father later says she was at the Stade De France football game watching the friendly match between France and Germany. Daughter was at the football match or at the concert hall? Or both places at same?

Europeans ask yourself this! What American girls will go all the way to France to watch a FRIENDLY FOOTBALL MATCH?

Patrick Pelloux, is a specialist of emergency medical services. He states that this was a PLANNED MULTI-SITE EXERCISE and that first respondents (police, firemen etc.) were already stationed as part of that exercise.

3 thoughts on “Paris Attack False Flag: Conspiracy Hoax Exposed

  1. “Daughter was at the football match or at the concert hall? Or both places at same?”

    She’s infinitely malleable.

  2. The CIA funded, trained and armed Al Qaeda and ISIL. Why would this not be a false flag? Does a government, or government agency, go through all that trouble and expense and not give them plans? I’m calling bullshi-! My money says the effeminate creep (Obama) knew all about it. What was to be gained? His private army, Homeland Security, could then effectively tighten the noose of the police state. AND, the American people will allow it, in their interest of security. You won’t have to wait long to see it.

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