5 thoughts on “Parkland Florida Students Rehearsal Before The Fake Shooting – Aired By NBC

  1. most tragedies as of late were rigged with a drill to confuse the drill with the deep state objective usually anti terror war or gun control, being the desired end!

  2. It’s all staged by the Communist Zionist Globalists who want to disarm the citizens of the United States of America. Buy guns, ammunition, parts, train and equip as militia folks. War is coming we must join together to fight them. God bless all and rest in peace Spike you will not be forgotten brother.

  3. Everytime there is one of these drill eventually there an attack not to soon after. With all these drills the cops still can’t get there shit together. Schools are not for cops to drill at. Seems to me the drills are a recon mission and the shooters who actually do the deed are trained for this specific mission- tailor made assassination. It also takes time to rehearse the delay of first responders and get crisis actors directed and scripted. This has happened across the couny numerous times and there’s always a trend.

  4. Hey …

    I hear Hallmark greeting cards has a new active shooter belated Valentine’s greeting card.

    Inspired by Mr. Cruz.

    It’s a big heart with a hole in it that sayz.

    Sorry …, I missed you..!

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